Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Wreath Workshop, Love Grows Wild / Homemade Christmas

Things are getting very christmassy around here. Last weekend, not only did William's + Griffin's unveil their wondrous Christmas window, complete with animatronic polar bears, and the Mayor did the High Street Christmas light switch on, complete with firework display, we got our tree. And it was because of our tree that I sadly missed the lights being switched on (although I did hear the fireworks). We had a slight Clark Griswald situation at home ie tree rather too large for room, which then took hours to decorate. So many hours in fact that by the time I'd slung the last bauble on it, I'd missed the towns festivities. Note to self, don't let the Wig go to buy the tree alone next year.


But not only have we been tree decorating, we have also been making a few other Christmas decorations (kills time and is a very cheap activity. Win win situation). First of all, we made some Chrimbo cards. I don't think Clinton's have anything to worry about but Auntie Margaret was impressed.

Glitter, glue, washi tape, stamps.

Then, we covered some pine cones in glitter. Very quick, easy and really pretty on the tree.

Glue, glitter and pinecones

Finally, we made a couple of snow globes. There were very easy and quick to make and just need a bit of forward planning to keep a few old jars. The hardest thing to find for making these were the Christmas cake figurines but you could easily make these with old plastic toys instead.

To make a snow globe, you will need:

1 x Plastic / Christmas Cake figurine
1 x Clean jar
Some glitter
Tap Water
Drop of glycerine (from baking aisle at supermarket, this thickens the water and makes the glitter fall more slowly)

* Superglue your figurine to the inside of the jar lid, wait to dry.
* Sprinkle you glitter into the jar.
* Top the jar up with water.
* Add a teaspoon of glycerin to the water/glitter and stir.
* Add a ring of superglue to the jar rim then quickly put lid on and wait from glue to dry.
* Voila!

Baby reindeer in Nescafe jar.

Fat Santa in jam jar with washi tape to jazz up the lid.

 We also made mince pies but this was just frozen puff pastry and a jar of mincemeat so I wont bother explaining how to do those!

However, of all the Christmas crafts we have been making this week, my favorite project was the one I did this morning (minus boy child) at The Waiting Room. Sian Willis from Love Grows Wild, a local florist, ran a 2 hour workshop to show how to make a Christmas Wreaths. £30 covered the cost of 2 hours 'tutoring', all materials (foliage, berries, ribbon, wire frame etc), a hot drink and a mince pie! It was a really great way to spend the morning and another way to meet some new faces. A lovely  relaxed atmosphere I'm over the moon with my wreath. I just hope it doesn't get swiped off the door before the 25th!...

Ta dah!

PS: Just a note for your Christmas decorations next year. While you are out and about at the shops, if you see any Christmas decorations in any shop windows that you like the look of, ask them if you can have them when they have finished with them.  I swiped 3 of these huge gold bows from Laura Ashley  last Christmas and they were going to get thrown away!