Sunday, 11 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Chrimbo.

Tree - Erected.
Cards - Written, stamped and posted.
Presents - (Mostly) bought and wrapped.
Quality Street Tin - Almost finished.
Advokat - In the fridge (sadly not mine).
Muppets Christmas Carol - Watched.
My stocking - Hung in place but looking worryingly thin / empty.

We love chrimbo, although I'm sorry to report that the blasted Mary Berry Christmas cake is still not made. It takes 4.5 hours to cook and I just don't seem to be home long enough at the moment to bake the damn thing. I will make it at some point I just can't guarantee it will be in time for the 25th December. Or even in time for 2011.

The good thing about getting in the Christmas mood this week is that it has taken my mind of the sad duty I had of officially pulling the plug on our wedding. I had been putting it off as I wasn't sure if the baby was real or just a crazy cheese dream, but after seeing it on the scan it's (very) slowly sinking in. Also, I can't blame my expanding girth on too many Egg's Benedict's anymore, it is starting to look like there might be more than just hollandaise in there. So on Thursday I did the deed and told the venue we would have to postpone. I had no idea how the news would go down, not to mention if we would get our deposit back, but thankfully the Wedding Manger was so great that we are getting all of our money back, she even offered to hold a date for us in 2013. For free! It was very emotional not only because of the relief I felt with having finally dealt with it, but also because I am still slightly disappointed that it's not happening. But it's done now and at least when we do have a new date, a lot of the hard work has been done. But the money we saved to pay for it will probably have all been spent on Maternity Pads, Preparation H and Nipple Cream by the time we have another date. Ho hum.

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