Sunday, 2 September 2012

Little Bird by Jools Oliver

I got a letter. It was 4 pages long and from the hospital. It was a response to my letter regarding the unpleasantness at the birth of baby and his subsequent stay in special care. It turns out that the Ghanaian Midwife who we got lumbered with the day he was born was newly qualified and had only recently started working at the hospital. Well there's a surprise. We certainly got the short straw that day! I'm glad to have finally received a response and (sort of) apology but even happier now to put the experience behind me. I know that writing to the hospital wouldn't change anything but I wanted there to be some record somewhere that this Midwife is an absolute liability. Now she is apparently being closely supervised by the Head of Midwifery at Homerton. Good.

So as a symbolic gesture to the end of the whole sorry affair, we finally chopped down the Jasmine that was growing through the front room window. I first noticed it sprouting through the shutters when I returned home from the hospital. Ever since then I felt too bad to cut it down for some reason, like it was somehow linked to the baby. I'm a bit superstitious about things you see and perhaps if I cut it back, something might drop off the baby, like a toe etc etc. Anyway, yesterday we chopped it down and guess what. The baby is fine.

So, goodbye Jasmine and good riddance Midwife. 

Since baby has arrived I haven't really bought much for him. Firstly, because newborns get bought A LOT of presents and secondly because I'm a bit skint from not having a job. However, last week I had a small splurge on some items that Jools Oliver had designed for Mothercare. I ordered them online (since I still haven't managed to go shopping in a real shop since May) and they arrived yesterday. This package of baby items totally made my day and are very reasonably priced. They are sort of old fashioned but thats why I like them. I think these clothes might be my favorite clothes that baby currently has in his collection. Babies should dress like babies in my opinion not like small adults (although baby does has a black hoodie from American Apparel which is not remotely babified).

Whether Jools Oliver really did design them herself, who knows but nevertheless it's a lovely range and would make great gifts for a new baby. Someone else's or your own. 

Mushroom doorstop. For the door to the babies room that doesn't exist yet. 
One day dear baby you will have your own room I promise.

Huge cellular blanket with pretty embroidery on each corner.

Material of the 70's. This is a lovely white 'bundler'. A sort of nightie with elastic at the bottom. 
Wig had a shock when he came from work and found baby on the bed dressed as a retro girl but Mothercare assures me this is a unisex item. It has buttons at the back which I thought may annoy the baby but he was fine. Phew. You dnt want to get on his wrong side. I think he may have inherited his mother's short temper and intolerance.

Nice feature on all the clothes, the Little Bird logo on a little tag.

Little socks.

Toweling babygro with Fawn embroidery and round neck collar. Beautiful.

Another tag. This is pink . . . maybe that means its for girls. . . 
Sssshhh, don't tell Wig.

And this is my favourite item but the worst photo. Its a toweling bib type thing, shaped like a waistcoat that goes over the clothes and does up at the back at the back with velcro. It's such a good idea I don't know why all bibs aren't made like this. It went down so well baby spewed all over it on its first outing to test it out but after a wash has come us as good as new. Brilliant.

Yesterday was the day that we were supposed to get married. 1st september 2012. It felt a bit strange to be honest and made me start thinking about the wedding again. It will happen one day, it has to, I've got loads of dressing for the venue all boxed up in storage and I've paid for the dress! Hopefully we can do it next year and hopefully baby will be able to crawl / waddle up the aisle with us or at least do some sort of trick since he was the one that stole the day (joke). So instead of getting married we went for a walk. And while we were out and about taking in the fresh Hackney air whilst trying to avoid nutters/people weeing in the street/dog poo's I saw this sprayed on a wall and it made me smile. 


  1. That's a lovely post and I really like the Little Bird items! The graffiti made me beam :)

    1. Thanks! The Little Bird items are lovely, but I've noticed online most of them are sold out already-shame! x

  2. I love that graffiti, and the items from Little Bird are really nice. Bundlers are fantastic things aren't they? So pleased you got a response from the hospital too!

    1. Hello there!

      I find it tricky to wind baby in a bundler, his feet get all caught up in the elastic but they look bloody cute so its worth the wrestle. I was happy to get a response too. I just wanted someone to say 'yes, it was a balls up, sorry'. So, onwards and upwards xx