Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ye Olde Medieval Festival

When I lived in London a lot of my posts about my surrounding area were a bit "yeh, its really great here yeh, woop, I love where I live". And now I've moved I think a lot of my posts will be a bit "yeh, its really great here yeh, woop, I love where I live". I don't think its because I'm fickle, but more that I genuinely think there are some  really good things to do and see instead of sitting indoors staring at the wall or a telly. Also, in terms of my thoughts about Colchester, 5 months in, I think I'm still in the "have we done the right thing" phase so I'm probably trying to convince myself that it was a good move. However, today, with the sun shining and a Medieval Festival 1 minute walk from our new home, I don't need too much convincing that things aren't too bad.

Castle Park is a beautiful award winning park in the heart of Colchester with a bandstand, amazing fauna, a roman wall, a boating lake, a cafe, 3 excellent playgrounds and a castle. It's a pretty special place and even better still, they seem to have a lot of events on throughout the year. Last month it held the Town and Country show and this weekend it was the venue for a Medieval Festival.

I love history, tights, cider and pork (there was a hog roast) so this was a real dream afternoon out for me. Entry was £7 per adult which at first I thought was a bit steep but  on reflection, it was money well spent for an afternoons entertainment. Lovely toilets (a big plus), loads of stalls and activities and a great atmosphere. The Sunday Times had it in their list of '50 Things to do in the Summer' so there.

Colchester Castle (closed for refurbishment until next year, boo)

Follow ye olde typeface

Not sure what this guy was up to but he had a really great costume

Some sort of battles with sticks

Friar Tuck

A play

Making some wool. I think

A King

Huge local Mersea Oysters and Clams

Birds of Prey


Don't think this was an authentic medieval toilet roll holder but I admired the resourcefulness.

Anyway, it was a really great way to spend the afternoon and I can't wait for the next event, a Food and Drink Festival at the end of June. Yum. Reckon I'll be about 28 stone by the end of the year.

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