Saturday, 18 October 2014

'Apple Day' - Lathcoats Farm, Beehive Lane

Not a lot of people know this, but today was 'Apple Day'. Or tomorrow is 'Apple Day' depending on what day you have decided to celebrate it this weekend. I did not know about this celebration myself until yesterday when I was trying to find somewhere interesting to meet our new local friends. 'Apple Day' is a day to celebrate all things apple related (orchards, apple juice, actual apples, toffee apples, apple pies etc etc) and began relatively recently in 1990. The first 'Apple Day' took place in Covent Garden but today we celebrated this special day by visiting Lathcoats Farm in Chelmsford, half an hours drive up the A12 from Colchester.

Lathcoats Farm have been growing fruit since 1912 and their Farmshop recently won the award for Essex's Best Farmshop. As well as the Orchards that grow the fruit and the great farmshop, they also have a Coffee Shop, goats, donkeys a couple of pigs and they allow you to 'Pick Your Own'. Today they also had apple tasting, children's archery, donkey rides, a craft barn, mini tractors, toffee apples, a farmers market and an apple pie contest. Sadly, the weather today was pretty dire. Not cold, but very grey so the photos don't do the place justice at all. However, despite the gloomy skies we had a fun afternoon out and shall look forward to next years 'Apple Day'. Whether our new friends enjoyed it remains to be seen. I'll let you know if we hear from them again.


Apple tasting

I love clear sign postage

All time fave, Pygmy Goats

Little Donkey

Awesome kids craft area. 
Who knew mud and pine cones could be so creepy.

Big hairy pig

We picked up a couple of these bad boys for our upcoming Halloween tea party

Old house in a tree.

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