Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bourne Mill, Bourne Road, Colchester, CO2 8RT

Got a bit of a back log of blogs going on at the moment folks. Work/Toddler/Life has been absorbing so much time lately I haven't had much spare time to write. But my crusade to bring attention to Ye Olde Colchester continues...

A few weeks ago, I decided to take my son on a little walkabout to Bourne Mill. It's a recently refurbished Water Mill run by the wondrous National Trust. Since Google Maps said it was only a mile from our house I thought I'd go for sniff. This post will be more pictures than words as I can't really remember the details other than it was a lovely morning.

Our journey took us under the subway by Colchester Town Station (Colchester has not 1 but 2 very well serviced train stations fact fans) where we spotted these pretty groovy details:

I'm sure there is some interesting information about these somewhere but I can't find it. Colchester is a bit like that. Bit shy of spreading the word / terrible at PR.  

Our journey then took us past the 'Odd one Out'. Ive never been to this Pub but it's apparently a very special place. A bit like stepping back in time. The Landlord operates a strict no mobile phone policy, a no swearing policy and pints cost 10p (the last bit is a lie but apparently drinks are very reasonable). This place is so old fashioned its almost impossible to find out anything about it online but it's along Mersea Road if anyone is interested. 

We then continued walking along Mersea Road until we got to the junction of Bourne Road. I was expecting to see a brown National Trust here to let us know we were heading the right way but it seems that the National Trust are also in on the 'Let's Keep Colchester a secret' Act. No signs, not a sausage. 

Then we came across this:

'This must be the way', thought I. Although anyone that knows me will know that I have an appalling sense of direction so why I trusted my own instinct is a mystery to me. Needless to say it was the wrong way.

I tried dragging the buggy through this bog. It got stuck. My son then had to get out of the buggy and walk.

He then fell over on this bridge. Much crying ensued.

I tried to distract him by pointing out these ducks. It didn't work. The crying continued.

I then saw the Mill on the other side of this lake.

Yep, we'd gone the wrong way. So, back through the bog and over the treacherous bridge, past the ducks who I'm sure were laughing at us, we made it back to the road, walked along a bit further and saw this:

It really is a beautiful place. The site consists of a wonderfully restored old mill and a beautiful lake complete with ducks (don't feed the ducks bread though, it attracts rats. Seeds available from the Mill).

Original Water Wheel in basement.

Creepy face.

Ground Floor interior of Mill.

View of Water wheel from Ground Floor

The interior is as beautiful as the exterior, small but perfectly formed. The lady on the door (Jules) was super friendly and there is a tiny tea area where you can buy a drink and a cake. My son and I shared a scone and watched the ducks from the bank.

Definitely worth popping your nose in if you are in the area, especially on a sunny day. Just don't go through the woods....

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