Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Chase + Sorensen

I think I'm going to start carrying a Dictaphone around with me like my Dad used too. (On reflection, I've no idea why he did that). Every now and then I over hear such a ludicrous conversation that I can't quite believe my own ears. East London is rife for these kind of things. I know some of the things I write about could be viewed as ludicrous by some but at least I don't say it out loud.

Today's nugget involved Chaucer, Post Modernism, 1926 armchair design and Architecture. All in one sentence. Who knew it would be possible to be that pretentious that one could link these 4 subjects in one breath. What a load of old twoddle.  It was like listening to something from Nathan Barley and I would put money on the two walking cliches responsible to still be talking waffle while nursing their latte's in 2 hours time if I went back for an earwig. As I sat sarcastically snorting into my hot chocolate whilst rolling my eyes around so much there was a danger they were going to roll onto the floor, The Wig remarked that maybe I would prefer to only go to places where there were no other people. . . Rude.

Anyway, the location for this ridiculous conversation was a new(ish) 'place' on my road. I say its a 'place' as it is a furniture shop with a cafe inside. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is for such an establishment. A Furni-fe? A Ca-fiture Shop? Anyway, like all the other new things currently popping up in E8, I'm very excited about this place. Not because I want to buy any furniture but because I like drinking hot chocolate and eating things particularly if its within waddling distance of my front door.

Chase + Sorensen opened last autumn and sells Danish Furniture and home wares, along with Scandinavian type food. The interior of the 'place' reminds me rather of my Grandparents dining room, they loved a bit of Danish Rosewood. The idea at Chase + Sorenson is that you sit on the furniture that's for sale directly from the shop or from their website. This probably seemed like a good until I went in this afternoon and spilt my drink all over one of their vintage £255 coffee table's. Soz . . .

Today, as I haven't started back at work yet, I popped up the road for a spot of lunch. I really should have stayed home and sniffed something out from the back of the fridge to save a few quid, but what price can you put on a hot chocolate and a ham, cheese and Dijon mustard on sour dough open sandwich? £6. That's how much. Anyway, I'm glad I did as it was delicious! (Until I knocked it all over the table).

I don't know what sort of cheese they use, probably some fancy Scandinavian variety, but it was the best cheese I've had all year! And The Wig woofed his Smoked Mackerel and horseradish on rye down before you could say boo to a goose. Or something. 

So for any locals out there,  get yourself down there for a little smorgasbord and give these guys some support as it really is a very nice place. The only downside I have discovered is it does keep somewhat sporadic opening hours while they pop back to Denmark to buy more stock for the shop, but other than that it's a real little gem.

I'm sad to report though that after my wondrous lunch the day went somewhat downhill with an incident involving my lovely new sheepskin booties. I think God was getting me back for being a bitchy old crone to the two Chaucer Wally's. Basically the heavens opened up on me and it chucked it down all over me and my boots on way home. On their maiden voyage! So now, they are slightly soiled with rain marks however, it was a lesson learned and subsequently I have promised to never be rude about anyone ever again. For as long as I live. Forever and ever Amen. Or at least not whilst I'm wearing my delicious new furry footwear.


  1. like but no like the wet boots!.....x

  2. I know. Disaster! However, a quick rub of the boots on my sleeve when the water had dried seemed to almost get rid of the marks. I might slap a copyright on my sleeve and take it on Dragons Den xx