Sunday, 1 January 2012

The future is now.

Happy New Year to one and all!

Well, the future is here! Its finally arrived, 2012, the year of many exciting things. For example, we have the Queens 60th Jubilee Celebrations (literally CAN NOT wait for this), The Olympics are coming to town (and we have tickets! And its 2 miles down the road!) , and all being well, a little May Leveret. (A baby hare).

Although its super exciting to be looking forward it's also quite nice to look back at the previous year and reflect on certain things that have happened. 2011 was actually a really great year for The Wig and I, and proof I think, that if you take control of your life and eliminate certain negative situations, people etc from the equation, then anything is possible. A phrase I often use, which I stole from an Ad Agency big wig is "you need to shit or get off the pot". Not very ladylike I know but a really good phrase which I think means, if you aren't happy with something, don't moan, do something about it. You hold the key to your own destiny, Or something.

Anyway, our greatest achievement's / successes of 2011, in no particular order, were:

* Becoming Freelance, and it going surprisingly well.
* The Wig passing his driving test and buying his first car. Bravo Wig.
* Resolving the Freehold purchase of my flat, meaning we can finally move or rent it out. Yay.
* Visiting Sweden, Turkey, Lille and the UK on our road trip.
* Blac Ionica winning a Cannes Gold Award. Amazing.
* Blac Ionica writing, directing and funding a music video/short film and it going down a storm.
* Getting the heating fixed. This was a huge achievement
* Organising (and canceling) a wedding.
* Creating a new life. The best thing of all.

So for next year, things I would like to achieve are, also in no particular order:

* To have more hair cuts.
* To keep working for as long as possible.
* To be more regular with the blogs again.
* To not die giving birth.

And thats pretty much it really.

So 2012 is shaping up pretty nicely so far. We had a very quiet Yew Years Eve, due to The Wig's terrible we stayed in and watched telly, managing against all odds to stay awake for the London fireworks at midnight. Weren't they amazing?! Then straight to sleep. So this morning, I awoke for the first time in living memory to start the New Year without a hangover. I really never thought I would see the day.  As if that wasn't amazing enough, The Wig cooked me breakfast, what a treat.

To make 7 x Wiggy's breakfast pancakes (my photo + presentation really doesn't do them justice):

1. Sieve together 135g of Self raising flour, 2 tablespoons of castor sugar, a pinch of salt, 1/2 table spoon of baking powder and mix.
2. In a separate bowl, pour 130ml of milk, add 2 tablespoons of melted butter and 1 egg yolk. Lightly beat together.
3. Once thoroughly mixed combine the dry ingredients with the milk, butter and egg mixture to make a batter.
4. Whisk the egg white until fluffy then fold in slowly to the batter mixture.
5. Heat a pan over a medium heat and melt a knob of butter in it.
6. Dollop a 2 inch round blob of the batter into the hot pan, cook it on one side then flip it to cook the other side.
7. Serve with Creme Fraiche, lemon juice and maple syrup. Yumsters!

After breakfast we went to Epping Forset for a walk in the woods which is about 1/2 an hours drive from the flat. I thought perhaps some fresh woodland air might help the invalid's lungs on the road to recovery...

Holly Tree

Christmas Decorations.

Lovely Lichen.

Hawthorns maybe...?

...unfortunately after 43 minutes it pissed down like no ones business, so that put an end to that particular outing. However, I soon recovered from the disappointment when we got home as my absolute favorite film of all time was on the shit box. Heaven.

So Happy New year everyone, and my best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy 2012. 
Its going to be a great one, and if it doesn't feel like thats the case,  you better "shit or get off the pot!". And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Love from The March Hare x x 

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