Sunday, 7 July 2013


Something I've noticed about East Anglia since I've moved here is that, East Anglia doesn't really sing its own praises. There are tonnes of great things to see and do around here that no one really tells you about. Either they are too modest to say or it's tactical and they want to keep things to themselves but whatever the reason, we are slowly discovering more lovely places near Colchester. Despite no one really telling us about them. Today we visited Frinton on Sea, about 35 mins drive from home and it was the perfect day for a trip to the seaside (babies first time). Best weather since time began or something.

En route

Essential beach equipment

Frinton in bloom

View of beach from Esplanade

Long, clean, white sandy beach with warm water!

When we arrived at 1:15pm the tide was in but after about an hour, 
there was loads more room on the beach.

There are also loads of beach huts along the seafront and you can hire deck chairs. As soon as we got home we obviously googled the price of a beach hut, £13K if anyone is interested. I didn't think that was too unreasonable but unless I sell my body parts for scientific research we wont be getting one. 

As well as the beautiful beach, there is also a great little high street with lots of independent shops along the way. To name a few, there is a fish shop, a bakers, a couple of cafes, an ice cream shop selling local ice cream, a great independent book shop, an Art Deco antique shop, a Danish home wares shop and the best one of all (in my humble opinion of course), Piatto Fine Wine and Deli. This deli is jam packed with goodies and it's worth going to Frintonjust for this place. Every town should have one.

They don't seem to have a website which is bonkers, maybe I just can't find it or maybe I'm right and its a tactical move, a local shop for local people . . .

Driving home through Thorpe-Le-Soken

And just as we got home, we heard some lovely rousing music coming from Castle Park. Being nosey parkers we couldn't resist a quick sniff about, and lo and behold there was a brass band in the bandstand playing the theme tune to James Bond. The perfect end to another perfect day.

I only noticed this last week, a ruin of a Roman Townhouse smack back in the middle of the park.

PS: Well done Andy.

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