Saturday, 31 January 2015

Offcut Snakes

The sewing machine has taken a hammering this week. I'm obsessed with it. The problem is I can only mess about with it when my son is in bed so I have not had much sleep. Tinkering away on it until the early hours then up again fulfilling my motherly duties the next day. So, I wondered if there was anything I could make, that my son might like, that wouldn't take too long and that perhaps he could help with so he didn't feel he was competing for my attention with the new machine. So, may I introduce to you 'Offcut Snakes'.

These are a great little project that we can make together, they don't take too long and they can be made from the off cuts from the bags. I'm thinking about calling my business 'Cabbage Bags Offcut Snakes'. It has a touch of the 'Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes' about it.

To make a snake, you need:

2 lengths of material cut into a snake/sausage shape.
1 oval piece of red fabric ( I used felt) for the mouth.
2 beads or buttons for the eyes (or draw them on with a fabric pen if your child is likely to pull the eyes off and eat them. This would NOT be good).
1 piece of ribbon for the tongue
Rice for stuffing

1. Cut out your sausage/snake shape pieces, pin together and insert red material at the head end in between the 2 pieces.

2. Sew the red fabric between the 2 material pieces (try to join them up, as you can see, I did mine in a rush but it didnt make a difference to the end result). Then sew the 2 body pieces together leaving a 2 inch gap on the seam. 

3. Turn the whole thing the right way out and stuff with rice. Or ask a small child to do it for you.

4. Sew/draw on the eyes and sew on the tongue.

Voila. A simple project that actually doesn't require a machine, sewing it by hand would be fine.

I'm pretty happy with these. They make great little gifts and can be quickly made with whatever you might have in your sewing / craft box. 

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