Sunday, 18 January 2015

Three Wise Monkeys, 60 High Street, Colchester, CO1 1DN

Well, well, well, what do we have here... Another new place, just popped up on Ye Olde Coolchester's High Street... To say I was excited when I saw this place open is a humungous understatement. Dear Reader, feast your eyes upon this:

Hallelujah is all I can say. A thousand thank you's to the Monkey's and their Monkey helpers. What a wondrous watering and eating hole right in the middle of town. These guys opened just before Chrimbo and I had a very nice evening here in their first week, however I wanted to wait until they started serving food before I posted about it. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait. 

Behold, The TWM Taster Combo.
We chose to try the Ribs, Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Mac and Cheese, Fries and Slaw. 

 We popped in today to sample their wares and I left feeling so happy in so many ways. Not only did I have a slight meat coma from the ribs, beef and pork which may have added to my euphoria, but I felt like we had finally got somewhere to go, within walking distance from home, that felt like our old manor. Which sounds weird seeing as we wanted to move away from there, but I really felt like a little bit of East London had landed on the doorstep. But the nice bits without the shitty bar staff, yes I'm talking about you Cat & Mutton.  This place has the best bits of lots of great places and has put them all under 1 roof, and this is still without having opened up their top floor!

The ground floor is small but perfectly formed and dominated by the wonderful 'Tap Wall' behind the bar (no idea the correct terminology). A sign says they have 20 different beers on tap which sounds like a lot of beers to me (as you can probably tell, I know nothing about beers). They also do beer 'racks' so you can try their selection out. The Skinny Jean Gardeners also created a lovely living wall here which has to be a first for Colchester. It looks great.

The first floor upstairs, where we sat, has another bar, loads of seating (sofas and mismatched industrial chairs) and this is where the open kitchen is located. I've frequented Bodean's many times but I can't say I'm a slow cooked meat connoisseur, so the TWM taster combo was the perfect option for us. A little bit of everything. Being greedy hogs, Wig and I were slightly concerned the dishes might be a bit small as the menu said they would be smaller than the main options, but we really shouldn't have worried. The portion was huge! We couldn't finish it actually. The ribs and cowboy beans were my highlites and it only cost £20 for the lot! Amazing.

I am so happy about this place. In terms of what you want from a drinking/eating place this has it all (in my humble opinion):

* Really friendly staff
* Great environment to hang out in (even better when their coffee machine arrives, but top marks for making us an instant to make up for it).
* Very tasty food and very reasonably priced.
* Good music (and not too loud).

Well done TWM Team, you've done a magical job of transforming a shit hole into a really great place. I salute you and wish you all the best for a long and happy future.  

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