Saturday, 25 July 2015

McLauchlans of Boxted PYO + Orchard Farm Alpacas

12 minutes drive from the Centre of Colchester there are 2 great places to visit, practically next door to each other.  McLauchlans of Boxted PYO and Orchard Farm Place. McLauchlans is a wonderful fruit farm where you can pick your own, Strawberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Blackcurrants and Redcurrants and then 2 minutes up the road, there is Orchard Farm, home to 34 Alpacas! Both really great places to visit of you have small children that you are hoping to tire out.

The shop where you collect your tub for putting your fruit in and where your fruit gets weighed for payment when you have finished. 

Fruit currently available to pick.

The farm also grows sunflowers.

The shop also sells vegetables, frozen fruit, Local Ice Cream...

... and beautiful cut flowers.

Our haul. With the flowers and a lot of fruit, it came to £17. Almost all the fruit has gone into the freezer to be put in smaller bags which we can use as and when. I've never been to a PYO Farm before but we'll definitely be back. A great, relaxing experience for energetic children and stressed out parents alike!

Then on the way home, we popped into Orchard Farm. This great little place only opens to the public on certain days of the year so you should check their website before you make a trip but my son loved it. It is free entry but they like you to buy Alpaca feed (£1 a bucket) and maybe have a Tea, Coffee or Cake from the shop. Alpacas are so sweet, I think they have taken over from the French Bulldog as my favourite animal.

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