Sunday, 19 July 2015

Suffolk Foodhall, Ipswich, Suffolk IP9 2AB

There's a small chance I have written about this place before, but since I have no capacity for remembering anything since my son was born, I can't quite remember. Everything is clouded in a strange mist. Anyway, we popped into the Foodhall this morning for brunch. Its about a 20 minute drive from Colchester and very close to Jimmy's Farm (which is also excellent).  Check it out.

Suffolk Foodhall sits next to the impressive Orwell Bridge.
There are cows here too but due to the wonders of perspective you can't see them very 
well in this picture.

Outside the hall is a kids play area with this awesome sort of bouncy airbag and climbing area.

It's essential after a hard mornings bounce to recover with a Raspberry Ripple Gelato 
courtesy of this little Ice Cream hut.

The hall, jam packed with tonnes of local produce.

The hall also has an interiors / gift area...

...and a very well stocked garden centre outside.

View from the restaurant.

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