Monday, 25 April 2016

Bambu Vietnamese Restaurant, 95 Quayside, Colchester, C02 8GN

If you go down to the Hythe today, you are in for a big surprise. BAMBU VIETNAMESE! The Nosey Parker i.e. me, heard that a new restaurant opened last week and we made it our mission to go there for lunch this Saturday. Having lived by the Kingsland Road in Hackney for 20 years, I have eaten a lot of Vietnamese food over the years as my elasticised waistband will testify so I was very keen to get down there ASAP. As it's in Colchester it was obviously quite hard to find (78 roundabouts before we got there) but we persevered, it's opposite the Lightship and on the other side of the road to B+Q on the riverfront, and were blown away by the experience.

Firstly, the restaurant has been very well done. It's the sort of place to take your mates who are visiting from "The London" to show them that Colchester has it's finger in the pulse! Secondly, the staff really could not have been friendlier. These guys deserve to thrive here simply for their great customer service. And finally, the food was very very good. The Hythe is an area that has a lot of local support by people who want to make it a great destination and Bambu is a perfectt example of what can be achieved here. I'm really excited for them and the area as a whole after our visit.

They don't seem to have a website up and running yet but you can find them on Facebook:


The Lightship


Delicious Vietnamese Coffee.

Sharing starter.

Crispy Squid.

Chicken Curry.

Shaking Beef.

Exciting times colchester!

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