Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Future is frugal

I don't know if this happens to anyone else over the Christmas break, but I find myself gradually, over time, getting up later each morning and staying up later each night. So by the time January comes I'm positively nocturnal. It happens every year so the New Year always means going back to work with Christmas jet lag. However, not this year. Since I resigned from my job at the start of December I wont have this problem in 2011, although as one problem dissolves, another reappears. 

At present, the main problem of not having a job seems to be the lack of money. No shit. However, rather than see this as a terrifying prospect (which is what I think kept me in a job I hadn't been happy in for a long time), I am trying to view this as nothing more than a slight inconvenience or challenge if you will. Therefore, last night as I struggled to convince myself in the Christmas timezone of Hackney that it was time for bed, I had an idea. While sniffing around my pile of Christmas day booty, I realised I would need some sort of protective sheath for my new iPod Nano (I'm a bit funny about trying not to scratch things and making them look new for as long as possible). But rather than get excited about going shopping for something, I made one! Out of an old blouse I'm to fat to wear, a jewelry pouch and some ribbon from a chocolate box. I figured this would be a useful endeavor on 2 counts; firstly it might be such a dull exercise that I would drop off, and secondly, I might actually end up with something useful. For free! Ha! Stick that in your pipe old job!

So in the spirit of frugality and drug free sleep, may I present to you the Old Blouse Sleeve Nano Sheath! I admit it wont be to everyone’s taste, but as a first project I don’t think it’s too bad (if you don’t look at it too closely). Another good thing about the OBSNS (Trademark . . . .)  is that it has made me remember that actually, you never need as much money as you think. When you are working, particularly in a stressful job, it’s very easy to slip into the bad habit of regular ‘treats’. I was definitely guilty of buying things I didn’t really need as a treat after a hard day at work. So hopefully, now I’m having a bit of a break, with hopefully a more balanced life,  I wont keep needing to rewarding myself with over priced feck and can maybe make things I need. I am hopeful that a happier life will equal a more simple (cheaper) life, so look out friends, you know what’s coming your way on your next birthday! Sorry.

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