Monday, 27 December 2010


Finally, after much procrastination, here it is, my new blog. I have not been outside for the last 3 days so, I thought I better do something productive inside.

I am having a super Christmas break so far , and after what can only be described as a couple of mensis horribilis's, I am extremely relieved. I spent Christmas Eve at home with my two favorite people, The Wig ( my new fiance) and The Twit ( my oldest friend and partner in crime). We had lots to drink and of course ended the night with an hour or so of Wooden Spoon Kitchen Disco. My favorite type of Disco. Luckily all my neighbours have left the building for a few days so I did not wake up with ABBA guilt the next day. In fact, when I finally awoke on Christmas morning, with the driest tongue in the world, I received some very joyous news indeed. I have been blessed with a brand new niece, so welcome to the world, Betty Willow! I haven't met her yet as she is a little early (and small) but I hope to meet her soon. However I probably won't hold her until she is around 1 year old as new babies scare the crap out of me.

Along with the new niece, I also received some great gifts which included a rotary cheese grater (I really wanted one), an iPod Nano (I really needed one), a rotund Wine Carafe (I am the same shape as one) and most exciting of all, a Vitra Bird (I think I would have killed for one). So, all in all, I did very well and most of my friends got home made edible gifts from me as you can see in the photo. I hope they like Preserved Lemons, Onion Marmalade, Nuts in honey and Dukkah as much as I liked my presents . . . I guess if I never hear from them again, that will be the answer.

I'm not sure what we will be up to for the rest of the break, but I shall write more soon, I think I'll probably spend some time trying to work out how to use this blog. I am really excited about writing again and also very excited about what may be round the corner in the new year. I hope that you will be back for a visit soon. Love from The March Hare x

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