Friday, 31 December 2010

"Going down to Rio"

Someone once said something about not having to go very far from your own back ‘yard’ to find something juicy, or something, and today, I concur! The wig and I decided to venture out this afternoon mainly because we are sick to the back teeth of leftovers and needed some other kind of food, but also as we wanted to visit the cinema. Usually, we would go to the Barbican (we love the Barbican) or one of the the Vue’s, but in light of my new found poverty, suddenly the local Cinema 5 minutes trot away seemed like a very exciting prospect - £6.50 each. This is essentially a 2 for 1. Excellent. 

However, on the way to the local Cinema, something dark and interesting caught our attention on the Kingsland Road. A place so cool and mysterious that it doesn’t even require a sign to tell you what it is. As we peered though the window of this strange dimly lit place we spied lots of intense people inside, eating extremely tall burgers held together with sticks and drinking coffee’s from glasses. Intensely. We simply had to go inside and to our delight we discovered we were in the Dalston Supermarket! Hurrah! We had found it! I’d heard tell of this place but since I don’t make a habit of sniffing around Dalston, I had never seen it before. But actually, it was ok. And I think now I will have a lot of spare time on my hands I might be hanging out there quite a bit. Once I have perfected my intense face.

So, after a long burger and a 2nd degree burn to my right hand, we headed off to the Rio Cinema which I think might now be on my new list of favourite places to go in 2011. It was great! Not only was it cheap and close to home, they also sell home made cakes!

Also, you can make friends with it and get more money off. You get a free leaflet delivered (twice a year) and money off a Thai Restaurant in Stoke Newington! Does life get any better? I think not.
The only down side is that there is not as much choice as you would get in a multiplex, what with there only being one screen, however the one film they had on today was brilliant. (I never would have watched it if there had been a choice since it had Colin Twat Farrell in but I was very pleasantly surprised). It’s called ‘The Way Back and is based on a true story about some chaps who escaped from a Siberian Gulag. Amazing, and actually a very good film to watch on the cusp of a new year. It was a very moving story of determination and strength of the human spirit. I think everyone should go and see it. Now I’m off to the pub, Happy New Year!

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