Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting (rather) hectic.

I foolishly thought that maybe these last few weeks before the baby descends would be nice and quiet but that hasn't been the case so far. The way I feel at the moment having the baby will be like a mini break. Things have been very hectic and I'm looking forward to a lie down even if it means I might have to be wired up to a machine in order for this to happen.

In the last 6 days, I've been treated to lunch at Cote:

Cote is a chain of restaurants, that quite frankly you cant go wrong with. The food is always really good and not too expensive for a nice meal. The staff are also always really friendly. Cote gets a good 8 jugs of hot chocolate sauce out of a possible 10.

Then I was taken for a non-alcoholic Cocktail, or 'Mocktail'..., at the Soho Hotel:

I came here once before a long time ago and cant remember much about it so it was nice to come her sober and not be the drunk person for a change. The 'Mocktail' was delicious and a great place to come for a special occasion drink. I'm not sure you could sit there all night as its probably quite pricey but nice to come for a tonsil tickler if you are in the area. 

The next day, I met some friends at L'entrepot. It was nice to catch up but not so nice watching them enjoy so much wine and eat the veiny cheese and cold meats which I couldn't enjoy. When they started talked about having a cigarette I'm afraid I couldn't take anymore and had to waddle off home. I haven't really had fag envy at all during the last few months until that night. Luckily its passed, I'm not going to turn into Stacey Solomen. Or Kerry Katona.

This months Glossybox also finally arrived which was probably the best one yet. The last couple of months deliveries have been rather disappointing (false nails, purple eyeliner, gold eyeshadow . . . ? ) so I was going to cancel my subscription, but I thought I'd give them one more chance as I'm good like that. Even the Special Edition Harrods box last month was a bit of a wet fart. The samples were tiny!

However, this months box contained much more generous size products and actually contained things I might use. Although my photography skills seem not to have improved much. . . 

We also met some friends for breakfast at Chase and Sorensen who told us they too are having a baby, so congratulations to them! This now brings the total for our friends who are having or have had babies this year to 13! Or maybe even 14, I've lost count. 2012 is turning into a baby bonanza! As a small impromptu congratulatory gift I gave them some of my home made banana bread. 

Thinking about it now, I haven't heard from them since. I hope they didn't get banana poisoning.

Then on Sunday I had a really lovely afternoon as it was our University Sunday Lunch! Yay! I had booked a table at The Duchess of Kent on Liverpool Road, Highbury, one of the pubs in the Geronimo Inns group and they really did come up trumps. 

Pictures Copyright of Geronimo Inns.

It was a bit of a gamble as I hadn't been to this pub before but I was a bit limited about where to suggest as there were 19 of us. Luckily the gamble paid off since the staff were very friendly and patient with us, the food pretty much all came out at the same time (and was delicious) and it was only £26 per head including drinks and a tip! I would definitely recommend this place for a large group of people as the staff and the food was great. Bravo (again) Geronimo Inns.

Roast beef and yorkshire pudding. Yumsters!

Banoffee Cheesecake and berry compote.

Friends! Yay! 
It was so lovely to see everyone and obviously I burst into tears. Everyone 'cheersed' me for organising the get together and to wish us luck with the baby and that set me right off. As I said at the time, I'd like to blame the hormones but I'm a big old whoopsie that doesn't really need any excuse for a good old blub. It was quite overwhelming really, I've known this lot since I was 18 and the fact that we've all kept in touch and all still get on is pretty special I think. Among this bunch we have Ad Agency Creative Directors, Commercials Directors, An Illustrator, A Model Maker, A Graphic Designer and some bloke off the telly. Not bad for a random bunch of booze hounds.

But along with all this socialising, the serious business of hospital checks and home making have been running concurrently. There simply doesnt feel like there are enough hours in the day at the momnet. I got groped at the hospital on Monday for a routine check up and to check where the baby's head is (Me: "Oh god, you're not going to poke anything up me are you?!", Midwife: "No. I can tell from feeling your stomach", Me: "THANK GOD"). Luckily, presently, everything is in order as far as that is concerned which is good news and by the end of the week the baby will be full term. Crumbs. But we also have a man painting the bathroom, we've had a steady stream of Estate Agents round to the flat so we can get moving and also been viewing places to move into. To say everything is happening at once would be to state the obvious whilst hitting the nail on the head. Its very hectic. But really rather exciting.

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