Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Pembury Tavern, 90 Amhurst Road, London, E8

One of my most well used phrases is "There is always something to do". I know it drives the dear Wig nuts as it's usually uttered before I reel off some list of chores or other and is usually just as he has got stuck into a re run of 'Top Gear'. But the thing is, due to all this time spent at home lately, I actually don't think there is anything left to do. In the last couple of days, we trimmed the communal front bush (I told you before, this is not a euphemism), scrubbed the communal paintwork on the steps leading up to the front door (not as thorough as the last time I did it but seeing as I can't really bend over, I didn't do too much of a bad job), had the hallway carpet and sofas Steam Cleaned, got up to date with my accounts, washed all my make up brushes and washed out the washing machine drawer (?!). So now, there really is nothing left to do apart from sit and wait and field the texts/emails/calls I have started to receive asking if anything interesting is happening. (Although, I can't sit and wait etc on the sofa's as they take 24 hours to dry). Thank God for the Rocking Chair that's all I can say. I probably looked rather odd furiously rocking away in front of 'DIY SOS' looking like a big old pink egg (I am wearing a pink sweatshirt today). But thankfully no one was around to see me in my splendour.

Not only is everything ship shape at home, we are, I think, as prepared as we will ever be for when things start happening down below, so to speak. We have a list of labour friendly cabs on standby, all hospital bags are packed and the dreaded TENS machine has been tested. The TENS machine is a curious contraption which one hires or buys to help with the pain of contractions. It has 4 sticky pads which get stuck onto the lady's back to give electric shocks of varying degrees of intensity which are controlled by a handset during contractions. Apparently it is the job of the bloke to control the level of shocks which seems slightly sinister to me but most people have said trying to figure out how to use the TENS gives the afore mentioned bloke something to do. It reminds me very much of my Slendertone belt which I bought from Boots a few years back to try and shrink my waist while avoiding all forms of excercise and continuing to inhale white wine by the gallon. It didn't really work but I cant say it was the belts' fault, I just found it too painful. Doesn't bode well for labour that does it! Anyway, we'll give it a go and see how we get on. It might end up being thrown out of the window or at The Wigs head but at least it will be a distraction of sorts.

All the chores I've been ticking off the list left me far too knackered last night to attend to my fiance-ly duty of preparing the tea for when The Wig returned from work, so we popped up the road to The Pembury Tavern for a glass of vino collapso and a pizza. In the 5.5 years I've been in my flat, I've only been to The Pembury once despite it being visible from my front windows. Its a funny old place on a busy junction with little distinguishing features from the outside and even less distinguishing features on the inside. However, one can't deny they do make a delicious pizza.

Look familiar? Thats right my friends, this is blue sky!

And this bright ball is the sun!

As you can see it was pretty quiet when we went in but it was only 6:30pm on a sunny Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the current licence here wont allow them to play music which is why I think I have only been here once. It's odd to be in a pub without any background noise but hopefully this may get sorted in the near future. On the upside though, if you have a pet ferret or snake you are more then welcome to bring it into the pub, no problem.

My delicious and vast pizza, £5.95 for a Margharita which is really good value I thought. And yes I did polish the lot off. What a hog!

As well as the pizzas they also do salads, pastas and other Mediterranean food as I think the chef might be Italian. But I believe most people go to The Pembury for the beers. They have a huge selection of Real Ales and beers from many micro-breweries around the country so its definitely a good place to go if you are into beer. I think the only problem (apart from the lack of music) is that it doesn't really have an outside space. There is a tiny court yard area but this is unfortunately behind metal gates and next to a busy road, so its probably more of a winter pub than a summer one. Anyway, I would rate The Pembury a high 6 ferrets out of a possible 10 for food / drink / atmosphere. Cheers!

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