Monday, 3 November 2014

Hall Farm, Stratford St Mary, Dedham, Colchester

We took the little boss for a breakfast at Hall Farm last week as a little treat for being such a wonderful boy. (Also, we were hungry). This Farm, Cafe and Shop is situated about 20 minutes drive from Colchester. It lies just outside the beautiful village of Stratford St Mary and is surrounded by stunning views across the Dedham Vale.  Stratford St Mary is so pretty that it looks like a film set. Constable apparently loved this place, and who can blame him. If I could paint, I'd paint a picture of it on the ceiling. However, I can barely paint my nails.

Hall Farm is great and ticks a little individual box for all our family members. It has animals and 'big diggers' for the little fella, lovely food for me and a great farm shop for the Wig. We came here last year and had an awesome Ploughman's, a proper traditional one, one of life's small pleasures I think. The last Ploughmans I mentioned on this blog was from This Bright Field in Hackney and was so deconstructed it wasn't actually a Ploughmans.  However, since our last visit to the farm it has got just that little bit better. The food is still great, and the farm shop is still well stocked however they now have a little farm trail which really makes the most of their location and adds a little something extra for the little people. This place is a great example of a business maximising its potential, bravo Hall Farm, we will be back soon!

Egg, fresh from the chickens rear


Big piggy

Dedham Vale

Small piggy

Thanks for the eggs little dudes



Little goats

Little Donkey


Ducks in slime

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