Saturday, 1 January 2011

Free the Trustrum 1!

Oh happy day! Not only did I awake to the start of a brand new spanking year but I also received the news that Betty Willow, the newest member of the family is being let home from Hospital! My newest niece is now well enough after her premature arrival on Christmas Eve to go home. Yay! So, love and health and happiness to my little brother and his family for 2011.  

Feeling slightly buoyed by this good news (despite the horrendous NYE hangover that I’m trying not to acknowledge) I thought it was time I started writing my thank you cards for my Christmas presents. I love stationary. I love sending cards, I love receiving cards, I just love everything about stationary. So, in the spirit of thriftiness (and an inability to walk in s straight line to a shop due to last nights alcohol consumption) I made some cards while watching ‘Back to The Future’.  Lovely.  I’m not sure that Clintons would ever want to stock them, but it’s the thought that counts. When I had to clear my Dad’s house after he passed away, I found a huge stack of postcards that he had picked up over the years. They were from all over the place. Some were from holidays, some were from day trips to museums, most of them there were unused apart from a few from a lady penpal in the 60’s. Saucy! Since I love stationary so much I couldn’t possibly throw them out so brought them home with me where they have sat in a drawer for the last 4 years. But today I decided I could and should use them, I don’t think he would mind. 

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