Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bok Croatia!

The March Hare would like to apologise for the lack of bloggage during the past week. Firstly, I was working on a very stressful shoot which reminded me why I tried to take premature retirement last December, and secondly, I have been in CROATIA!

The trip to Zadar came about several weeks ago when you may (but most likely may not) recall that I mentioned I had inherited a second hand birthday gift from my best friend, Twitty McPhee. She had bought a surprise trip away for her boyfriend then discovered he was not available to go. Bad for him, but supremely lucky pour moi. So, a quick name change with Ryan Air secured my place on the holiday, however the destination was Top Secret. Until last week when I made my way to Stansted Airport with Twitty and her friends Trimmy and The Doonan and discovered where we were headed. I would love to be able to give a detailed account of the adventure but unfortunately due to a combination of copious amounts of grape juice and complimentary Grappa this is not going to be possible. Also much of the conversation revolved around the contents of the 5 Chav Mags that we took with us, and the games of  "Which famous person would you like to punch in the face"(backed up with arguments for and against) and "Would you rather ...." which I fear would not translate well onto a blog. I can confirm however that should the revolting situation arise I would rather sleep with Mick Hucknall than Phil from Eastenders.

I have come home with a burnt forearm (it was very hot) and 198 photo's of which I present a small selection for your perusal below. Zadar really is a beautiful place but I think the best part of the last few days has been spending time with some most excellent people. I cant remember the last time I laughed so much in such a short space of time. So thanks guys, you are 'amaze'. xx

The first night. A miracle no one fell backwards into the sea.

The bar that got drained of its entire white wine reserves. 

Outside Villa Triana, our home for the trip. Run by the beautiful Triana who assured us that every journey, every entry fee, every bus fare, basically everything in Croatia cost 8 kuna's. It didn't. It was considerably more.

The man that rowed us to the Old Town. Anyone that plays Bon Jovi on a rowing boat is ok in my eyes.

The Doonan, chillaxing. 

The Grey Raven, or Graven of Zadar, by the Sea Pipes. The wind blows underneath the slats made in the pavement producing a strangely hypnotic, low moan.

Saint Donats.

A delightful restaurant in the old town, the site of the pizza that nearly killed me due to its vast size.

The view from the tower. I didn't make the walk to the top but the others did. And that nearly killed them.

The Doonan. Chillaxing again.


The ice cream that promised so much yet delivered so little.

Our view from the Villa.

Beautiful sunset. A trip abroad is a disappointment without one.

Day trip to Skradin, not to be missed.

Strange car rally in Skradin.

Krka National Park. Brilliant.

Poor donkey that I wanted to pet but was not allowed. Poor donkey.







Our last night. Trimmy is not impressed...

Goodbye Croatia.

Hello home.

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