Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mews cows.

It’s not an excuse for being an idiot but I have been very busy this week.  I have been too busy to tidy the flat, too busy to weed the poor neglected garden,  too busy to get my ratty fringe trimmed (and incidentally that's not a euphemism) too busy too write a thank you card to my friend thanking her for taking me to Croatia and too busy to remember that the piece of Perspex I had to order for a shoot today was supposed to be 5 feet square. Subsequently, a huge truck arrived at our studio this afternoon with the biggest piece of Perspex you can buy.  3metres long by 2 metres wide and requiring 3 men to lift it out of the back of a lorry. Mortificado! There are few situations in this world more humiliating than exposing yourself as an idiot to a film crew. What. An. Idiot.

The only redeeming feature of the day was discovering The Old Dairy on the corner of Conway Street and Warren Street., a real hidden gem in the heart of Fitzrovia. The Old Dairy is a little café that serves breakfast and lunch, which is nothing special in itself, particularly as their menu is rather limited, however Beyza, the owner, is so lovely and the building is so quirky (I usually hate this word), that it’s not to be missed. The building itself is listed and you’ve guessed it, used to be a Dairy.! During the 1920’s, when it was first used as a dairy, the owner used to bring his cows from Wales and keep them in the mews next to the dairy. Can you imagine?!  I can, and I like it! He used to make his own butter and the container where he kept it cool is still in the building but now it’s where Beyza keeps the till.  The café still has a lot of the original features such  as the mosaic floor, the counter tops and the façade outside. Anyway, it brought a smile to my humiliated chops today and think the more people that pop in, the better. Beyza deserves this café to be a success as the Old Dairy is a small slice of something special amongst a big bland Pret/Eat/Wasabi/Itsu pie.

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