Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dim Sumday Part 2

Things have been pretty hectic in March Hare Towers during the past few weeks. Not only have I been very lucky and busily freelancing on back to back jobs during the past few weeks, I have also nearly completed my course at the hospital. I have one session left, this Friday, and then I will be a master in positive thinking and confidence (fingers crossed). The course essentially teaches you how to question your responses to things that life throws at you and shows you that looking at them in a  different way can affect your life for the better. All very interesting and I've no idea why I haven't been on a course like this sooner! I think everyone should do it.

As well, as working hard and re-wiring my poor old battered brain, I have successfully managed to buy a share of the freehold of my flat. After a year of uncertainty and sleepless nights, the deal has been done. This is huge news for me as it now means that I can sell my flat or rent it out or buy a dog or do whatever I friggin' well want! The sweet taste of freedom didn't come cheap but is worth every penny.

But perhaps the biggest news of all is that today we made it to the best dim sum eatery in town. Yes, my friends, we went to Imperial China! I'm really trying hard not to keep talking about food and stuffing my pie hole but its so damn hard! However, in our haste to get to the sweet nectar of char sui buns we got to the restaurant before it had even opened. Very keen but not too cool. So in order to kill some time we mooched around China Town then went for a quick coffee at the Curzon Cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue.

I really like this cinema  as its normally packed to the rafters with 'serious film buffs', usually sporting large beards which they like to rub while discussing film theory. This can be a little intimidating at times but great people watching fodder none the less. This cinema usually shows the more independent type films and is the place I have been to in the past when I want to pretend I am more interesting and mysterious than I really am. They also have Q+A sessions every so often, for example tomorrow there is a Q+A with the director of a film about Hugh Hefner. The Wig was very excited about this.

In the foyer they have a great cafe area run by Konditor and Cook which is always very busy indeed. Its a great place to meet friends for a coffee (+ CAKE!) but you can sometimes struggle to get a seat. However, if you are part of a greedy gang of pigs and get there early on a Sunday, you will pretty much have the place to yourself.

After a quick mocha and a dribble over the delicious looking cakes on offer we eventually got into Imperial China and ate the biggest selection of dim sum I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, my camera battery died when the food arrived so I could not take any pictures of our humungous feast. The Wig was in charge of ordering on behalf of all of us, which is done by ticking off different dishes on a form. He shall never be permitted to do this again. Not on my watch anyhow. I lost count of all the dishes that we ate but we definitely could have fed at least 3 more people with all the food we had. Nonetheless, it was just as good as I had hoped and I would score Imperial China high 8 pork buns out of a possible 10.

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