Sunday, 20 November 2011

A creepy Santa and Le Trois Garcons

I think winter arrived in the night. Today has been freezing and foggy all day, but despite the treacherous conditions, The Wig and I bravely ventured out. Then swiftly scuttled home as fast as our trotters would allow. 

London Fields

Regents Canal

Posh Buskers

The weekend has been a pretty dull affair, not just because it's cold but also as The Wig is ill, and as everyone knows, a sickly boy is the worst kind of boy around. Our particular situation is not helped by the fact that I am the most unsympathetic person ever invented. Ill people make me very intolerant, I have no idea why, so apologies to The Wig for not being very forthcoming with the Vicks Vapor Rub and Lemsip. But pull yourself together man!

As a treat for the poorly Wig we did have a little burst of Chrimbo yesterday, by snorting a delicious warm  M+S Mince Pie and watching the strangest / creepiest Christmas film I've ever seen. And I've seen A LOT of Christmas films. Its called 'Rare Export: A Christmas Tale' and is a Finnish film about the real Santa Claus.

I certainly wouldn't recommend any small children watching this and I shall most probably have nightmares for the next few weeks, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I'll probably need to watch 'Scrooged', 'Elf' and 'Its a Wonderful Life' back to back to get the image of naked Santa out of my brain. 'Rare Exports' receives 8 pigs heads out of a possible 10 on The March Hare scale.

If the weekend has been uneventful, the week has been equally non-descript. I had 2 shoots this week and we have 3 more jobs confirmed for the next month so its really been all about work. We did at least  manage to squeeze one nice evening out of the week as on Wednesday, we went to dinner at Le Trois Garcons.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of the outside of it since it was pitch dark and also, that day the entire building had become encased in scaffolding for a paint job. Typical. But it's basically a fancy restaurant set in an old East End Pub. It's a bit bonkers inside being filled to the rafters with stuffed animals, odd Victorian curios and huge chandeliers but is definitely worth a visit for a special occasion. It's also very dark which is odd considering how many chandeliers they have, but it was sadly not dark enough to hide the Tiger face that was staring down at us from the wall. It wasn't even the whole head, just the face. Poor Tiger.

Not a tiger face


Its been open for 10 years and is run by three blokes, hence the name Le Trois Garcons, which sounds far better than The Three Blokes. I'd been once before 7 years ago for my friends birthday but my recollections were slightly hazy. That night we had started off in Lounge Lover, the fancy pants cocktail bar also owned by the restaurant round the corner so we were slightly worse for wear by the time we sat down to eat. It was also in the days of being able to smoke indoors and I recall smoking and drinking non stop but don't remember anything about the food. What a waste! I'm glad those dirty days are over.

Thankfully this visit was much less smoky and drunken. My friend had booked for 6 of us to go and sample the 5 Course Taster Menu, £60 a head, not including drinks or Service Charge. Due to me not being keen on Frois Gras I opted for the vegetarian menu which on reflection was probably a bit of a mistake. I might have been the first person ever to have opted for this menu as the restaurant seemed to spend much more consideration on its meat options. Also, I'm not sure how many people would pay £60 for vegetables. The regular menu included, the afore mentioned Frois Gras served 2 ways and Vension served 2 ways, as well as a course of Halibut. The vegetarian menu consisted of mushrooms and goats cheese for every course. I don't like goats cheese so I sadly had to leave most of my food which caused quite a rumpus with the waiter when he noticed how much risotto I'd left, however the tiny Amuse Bouche at the start and the Chocolate Mousse at the end were delicious. I'm too fat anyway.

Amuse Bouche

Chocolate Pudding

So all in all  a very enjoyable evening was had by all. I think its a great place to go to experience the eclectic decor and also the food obviously, although it certainly isn't a cheap night out. I would rate Le Trois Garcons a high 7 Goats Cheeses out of a possible 10 but would not recommend for veggies. 

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