Sunday, 27 November 2011

Let's get Christmasified!

What a week. After all the excitement of the last 6 days, not to mention a 2 day shoot for John Lewis, I feel shattered. But it's so nice to have our news out in the open though and everyone was so lovely on the shoot. No one has ever offered to help lug my bags in and out of the studio before, but this week no one could help enough. I can already see major perks arising from this pregnancy. Our rigger also offered me some baby clothes (as long as its a girl) which was very kind, "they're not shit you know, they are from France!". I'm excited already! The only negative aspect, however, revealed itself during breakfast time. People were watching what I ate "I expect you'll just be having fruit today...?", "No more fry ups for you!" etc etc. The full english supplied by set catering is pretty much my only motivation for turning up to shoots at 7:30am so I 'm going to have to devise a cunning way to get around the Breakfast Spies. Maybe I'll have to get up even earlier, have a sausage and egg sandwich in the taxi on the way, then eat porridge and blueberries in front of everyone when I get to work. I'm sure I'll think of something.

The great thing about everyone knowing about my predicament is that we can finally come out of hibernation so we finally caught up with my friend Foxytrotter yesterday for brunch. How civilised. I'm not sure I've ever had brunch before, I don't usually last that long, however yesterday, I just about made it. He wanted to go to somewhere called 'Acoustic' in Newington Green which I'd never been to before. When I first moved up to London 15 years ago (crumbs), I lived in Stoke Newington and had to get the 73 bus to work in Soho every day. I used to go through Newington Green twice a day and there was never anything there. It was a little piece of no mans land, but now, there is lots to do! There is a nice pub, a few cafes, a few little shops, its very nice actually. In fact I think it would be quite a nice place to live, the only downside being the transport is pretty crap. Anyway, I had a hot chocolate and eggs benedict (with very hard eggs as requested) which was ok but not the best I'd had. The sauce was very runny and overpowering but the hot chocolate was delicious. I don't think I'd go back to that particular place but I will definitely pop back to one of the other eateries, it's only down the road so it would be very rude not to.

And this evening we are seeing some other friends which will be really nice, especially since they are coming round to cook for us! How thrilling! I've never had a chef in before. Basically, we had planned to go to their new flat for dinner however they have recently bought 2 new kittens so we had to change the plans slightly. The Wig discovered that there is a very nasty bug one can contract which is particularly harmful to those what are up the duff. Apparently, if you come into contact with a bum belonging to a cat or kitten it can be dangerous to the foetus. Now, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me. I have many bad habits I'm sure, but licking a cats arse ain't one of them. However, I like that The Wig wants to be cautious so the dinner party has relocated from N16 to E8.

This actually suits me pretty well since I am feeling so knackered I'm quite happy to stay in tonight. I had planned to make our christmas cake today but just didn't have the energy. I think this probably  sounds more impressive than it really is. I have never made a christmas cake before but quite fancied the idea, so as a sort of compromise I spent £10 on a Mary Berry cake kit. All the dry ingredients supplied in a bag in the correct measurements I just have to chuck it all together and sling in some eggs. How hard can it be? I'll let you know.

But just because I didn't get round to making the cake doesn't mean we can't get Christmasified! Yesterday, after the runny eggs benny, we bought some more chrimbo foliage, some new candles and a couple of new candle holders. Christmas can never start too early in my eyes. Next weekend, cake and TREE!

Snow house tea light holder, £9.99 form Aria.

Snowflake tealight holder, with moving parts! £7.50 from Oliver Bonas.

White concrete heart candle holder from Design Zoo in Copenhagen, bought on a previous Christmas expedition.

Black concrete heart candle holder and ceramic deer candle holder, also from Design Zoo.

Good old Ikea start light.

Red berry and Eucalyptus foliage. £11 from the florist.

However, as if this wasn't enough to get us in the festive swing, we also booked a little Christmas weekend break to Lille on the Eurostar. We shall be off in a few weeks and I can't wait to get on the rampage around their Christmas Market, its looks great!

We'll be leaving from Kings Cross at around 8am and arriving in Lille at 10:30am, its so close, even closer than Paris I think. We had hoped to go to Strasbourg instead but it was double the price and takes 3 times as long to get there. Forget it. Anyway, I best be off, our personal chef's are about to arrive and I need to perfect the perfect sofa reclining position. xx

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