Monday, 21 November 2011

The worst kept secret.

You may or may not have noticed that my blogs/ramblings have been rather sparse of late, and last week I tried to explain the reasons for this. I've been busy at work, and busy trying to sort out things with my flat, but I also mentioned that The Wig and I had been working on a small personal project which we were unable, at that time, to reveal. Well, today is the day that I can reveal what we have been secretly, or not so secretly, developing. I say 'or not so secretly' since gradually, over the last few weeks, the secret has come out and spread as far and wide as Australia and Argentina. But please may I officially reveal to you, our secret:

No, we are not making enormous black and white seashells, we have made a 7cm long human baby! Needless to say we are completely over the moon, if not rather shell shocked, but very happy all the same. It's been a very difficult and long 2 months waiting for today when we saw the little critter on the ultrasound. Nature is mind blowing when you think about it really, and now we are home, we want to go and have another look! The actual process of the ultra sound was so quick, it was over before I knew what was happening. Luckily my little brother had given me a de-brief the night before but nevertheless I wasn't prepared for the speed of it all. It's "get in the special room, lie down, top up, jelly slopped on, computer probe thing rubbed over and bingo"! There's a tiny baby on the telly. Amazing. Being an emotional person/wreck I really thought I was going to ball my eyes out when I saw what's living inside of me but I actually had a laughing fit. I've no idea where that came from. I think this baby will be a good influence on me.

I feel like I've been hermitsied since we found out (the day we got back from our road trip) as its very hard to go out socialising when you can't drink or tell anyone why you can't drink. So, its a relief to be able to come clean and explain why I have been so unsociable lately (and why I chose the damn vegetarian menu at Les Trois Garcons last week). Also, I've been feeling like absolute crap if I'm honest and hardly able to get up off the sofa. Things I have suffered with but had no idea I would suffer with are:

-Sore Boobs
-Constipation (sorry)
-Constant wee's required at all times of the day and night
-Relentless queasiness
-Sudden teary outbursts, although I am prone to this anyway so this may just be normal.

Thanks no one for warning me. Up until week 7 I had to wear motion sickness bands to try to stop the awful feelings I was having but thankfully I'm feeling much better now.

Another consequence of the situation is that my beautiful wedding which was pretty much all organised for next September 1st is looking suspiciously like its going to have to be postponed. We haven't completely pulled the plug yet, or discussed it with the venue, but with each day that passes its looking more and more likely we wont have much of a choice. Not only was the venue booked, the stationary was designed, guest lists written, old bottles, vases + cake stands were sniffed out from up and down the country and bought. They will now mostly be collecting dust on top of my kitchen cupboards until September 2013.

The dress has also been half paid for but the lovely people at the shop were very understanding when I told them my conundrum. I really don't want to be walking down the aisle with lactating bosoms on my special day, but on a more practical note, I wont actually be able to have any fittings due to my expanding body parts. Apparently a lot of people postpone their weddings due to surprise pregnancies in a recession...

So that, as they say, is that. What an amazing day. I'm off now to get Palmers Tummy Butter rubbed in to me to try and halt the impending stretch marks.


  1. Many congratulations on your news. Glad the dress shop are being reasonable.

  2. Thank you very much! Yes, I've been lucky, the dress shop have been very understanding although I found out today that they may not do the style I want when I finally get to go down the aisle which is a bit distressing but I'll have to wait and see xx