Saturday, 21 April 2012

5 Weeks to go.

The end is nigh. 5 weeks to go until the baby's due date which suddenly seems very close indeed. However, among lots of things I have learnt over the past few months, I have also discovered that very few babies actually arrive on the date that you think they might, only 5% in fact. So we are prepared (as much as we can be) for a hospital trip anytime between now and the next 7 weeks. The Hospital bag is packed, the baby clothes are washed and we have decided on our 2nd person to accompany us at the hospital for the big day. I didn't realise until a few weeks ago, but you are allowed 2 people at the birth, so not only will I get some support from The Wig but we will both be getting some extra support from our mystery guest. I think this is partly why I'm now getting very excited about the  birth - my 2 favorite people in the world will be with me, yay! A couple of my friends have said that they also want to come and we did wonder if we could turn the day into a bit of a party, seeing as the wedding is temporarily off, however I realise these are words that only someone who hasn't been through childbirth would say. I'm sure the day itself will be less 'party atmosphere' and more 'try to squeeze a bowling ball through the eye of a needle conundrum'.

This week has been a bit hectic but now I'm on the big wind down till D-Day. We had our final bonus scan this week to see if the placenta had moved out of the exit route (*slight heave*). At the 20 week scan it was quite low and there was talk of a possible Caesarian Section, however it has moved well out of the way now so it look's like I'm going to have to push. If I hadn't done the Ante Natal class I think I would have been a bit annoyed about this. Being quite an organised person / control freak I liked the idea of knowing exactly when we would meet our baby, but on attending the course I learnt that its much better for the baby to come out the way nature intended. I won't go into all the gory details but it really has been fascinating learning about all the biology, the human body really is an amazingly awesome thing! I never really thought about it until now. The scan itself was probably the least exciting of all the scans we have had though as the baby is now so big that you cant really distinguish anything on the screen. All we could make out was a little chubby hand and the head. The Sonographer told us that everything was growing well, and it still seems to have quite long legs! This is quite odd as neither The Wig or I are tall so we think it might have something to do with my dad :) From now on we will see the Midwife every 2 weeks so I expect lots more prods, pokes and gropes before the big day arrives. Despite that though, I'm getting really excited about this new phase of our lives and I will also be very glad to see the back of:

* Relying on The Wig to tie my laces.
* Getting shoved around by Joe Public.
* Heartburn.
* Relentless toilet visits.
* The extra weight I'm lugging around.
* Abstinence.

Not only did we have our scan this week though, I also worked on my last shoot, for what could be quite some time. God only knows when I'll next be on another one. We have talked about me being off for 6 months but being freelance it's anyone's guess if things will work out that way. There might not be any work around for me in 6 months! But I'm not going to worry about it, sometimes you just have to hold onto your balls and jump (even if you don't technically have any balls), things generally work out for the best and no amount of worrying changes anything. I definitely think it's the right time to stop though, as I have felt knackered this week, so I'm looking forward to a lot of pyjama time over the next few weeks. Pyjama's, naps and hot chocolates. Lovely.

I'm also looking forward to The Wig being on his paternity leave when it happens, we haven't seen that much of each other lately as he has been working very hard. We did manage to squeeze in a quick date on Monday night when we popped into our lovely new local wine bar/cafe/off licence. L'Entrepot Borough Wines seems to be doing very well in the few weeks since it's been open and I'm really pleased for the people that run it. I've been a couple of times now and its always bustling, particularly over the Easer weekend when people were queueing up for tables! Not only is the wine delicious ( I've now had 4 x small white wines in 8 months, unbelievable) but so is the food. They have a very limited menu, only 2 options of main course, but for a quick and simple dinner it was a really nice place to go.

Extensive Wine list. Mmmmm, wine . . . 

Chicken, cream and black olives, complimentary bread and lamb with tomato's and lentils.

So, here's to the next few weeks. Hopefully the baby wont come out too early as it still needs to chub up a bit before it arrives and I would quite like to get some last minute relaxing time in, but also I hope we don't end up waiting 7 weeks - I'm too excited! 

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