Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Snooty Fox, 75 Grosvenor Avenue, London, N5 2NN

Our friend Sam saved Easter today. After yesterday's total wipeout of our Easter plans we were at a bit of a loose end, but The Wig's friend Sam came to the rescue with the suggestion of a nice Sunday Roast. So, after a bit of head scratching about where to go we ended up at The Snooty Fox.

I had heard of this place and have driven past it a billion times on my way home from shoots in the dark, but had no idea where it was. If anyone had asked me to take them there I would have had no clue how to get there, even though it only ended up being 10 minutes drive from home. It's in the no mans land of Canonbury, which only seems to have an overland station, no parking spaces and lots of nice big posh houses. And this pub.

The outside is pretty run down considering the area its in and the inside was even more basic. Its just a good old honest boozer really, and no attempt appears to have been made to snazzy it up for the customers. The furniture all looks a bit battered and mismatched (not in a 'shabby chic' way, more in a Steptoe and Son way), there were old faded posters on the walls, the blue glass vases all had a thin layer of dust on them and one of the light bulbs above the bar needed replacing.

However, when we arrived, we noticed that all of the tables had been reserved which is a good sign in my book. They have a juke box and a good selection of Ales (which made The Wig very happy), but the Sunday Roast was the most surprising part of our visit. They were DELICIOUS. Our friend Sam said that in his experience the food could be a bit hit or miss but we luckily got a hit today. The kitchen in the pub is very small and opens into the bar, how they managed to get such great food out of such a small space is a huge achievement in my eyes. Sam and The Wig had half a roast chicken each and I had the beef (around £12 each) and it was the best roast I've had out for yonks. Delicious beef, crunchy yorkshire, firm veggies and all of the staff were really nice.

Hooray for The Snooty Fox, it resurrected my Easter Day that's for sure. And just goes to prove, it's what's inside that counts.

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