Thursday, 12 April 2012

Watching paint dry.

I might have worked my last job for a while. I'd like to squeeze another one in if I can before life changes forever but sadly who knows if that will be possible. We are still in a recession after all so I shouldn't be surprised that work has been a bit sporadic this year but life has become increasingly expensive of late and the baby isn't even here yet! There seems a huge amount of stuff to buy, even just the list of essentials seems very long to me. The more distressing items I have bought of late consist of nipple pads, disposable pants, mattress protectors (for me not the baby), who knew these things existed? I didn't. And I certainly didn't think that one day I'd be stock piling them. I've also become rather obsessed with pyjamas in the last few weeks. I have always loved pyjamas but lately I love them even more. Floral ones, spotty ones, plain ones, elasticated waisted ones, drawstring waisted ones it's like I will wear nothing else from now on until the day I die. I don't know why I think this, I just like being comfy. I even sold some of my beloved CD's on Music Magpie yesterday to fuel this new habit. Sadly even Music Magpie wouldn't take my Craig David '7 Days' CD single though. Snooty old Magpie.

But as well as things for the birth and beyond I also have a long list of things we need to do at home before I'll be too sore to climb up a ladder (grim). Trim the hedge out the front (thats not a euphemism), clean the window shutters and most excitingly of all, get the the bathroom painted. The smell of paint is one of my favorite smells in the world. I love it. If I had more of a steady hand I would attempt to do it myself but it's just not worth the hassle or mess. However, trying to find someone else to paint it has also turned into a hassle. One man never returns my calls, one man quoted me £470 (my bathroom is hardly the Albert Hall, more like the Albert Small . . .) and one turned up late, not a good sign in my eyes, then took over a week to get me a quote. Nothing is straight forward these days. But while I try and find someone to do the deed I thought I can at least try out paint colours. So today, on a day off, with the sun out and the sky a clear blue, I stayed in and watched paint dry. It's a strangely mesmerizing past time. Not as mesmerizing as Judge Judy but it still breaks the day up.

Paint colour selection. 

Seeing as its so hard to find a reliable and reasonably priced painter / handy person, maybe I could retrain once I need to go back to work. I have often fancied being a Plumber actually, I think they generally have an easy time of things and can get paid  quite well. I'd have to draw the line at unblocking toilets though, I don't fancy that at all. And instead of overalls, I can wear pyjamas and sing Craig David songs to the customers. I think that would be a good USP.

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