Wednesday, 25 April 2012

'Headhunters' (Hodejegerne) and a Haircut

After the flurry of Hackney Picture House visits at the start of the year, we hadn't been for a while. Actually thats not entirely true. We go most weekends for a lovely hot chocolate and a breakfast, but we haven't been to watch a film since the diabolical viewing of 'The Raven'. I'd been put off by the cinema after that awful night, but its not really the Picture House's fault, so on Monday, The Wig and I took ourselves up the road to watch a Norwegian thriller called 'Hodejegerne' or ' Headhunters' if you speaka da Anglais. If you watch the trailer it does give quite a lot of the film away but not enough so that you don't  have to pay to see it.  Not only did we really want to see this film, we also thought we better make the most of being able to go to the cinema before we'll be turned into zombies by the small person moving in with us in 4 weeks time.

This film was definitely the best film we have seen this year. It was brilliant! I'm not usually a massive fan of thrillers but this was definitely worth watching. The only possible down side of the whole film was that one of the characters looked very similar to the Dad in the Bisto adverts which I found slightly distracting but apart from that, I couldn't fault it. It had a gripping story line, a great performance by the main guy in it (who looked like a young, more buggy eyed Christopher Walken) and its interesting every now and then to see a film thats not set in the the USA or the UK, Norway has some stunning scenery. There was a couple of gory bits that I had to cover my eyes up for for but it wasn't violence for the sake of it if you know what I mean, it was essential to the plot. So this gets a big March Hare thumb / paw up and I'm going to rate it a very high 9.5 outside toilets out of 10. (Watch the film and you'll know what I'm talking about).

As well as cinema visits, getting haircuts is another 'treat' that apparently becomes very difficult when you have a baby. Luckily I take no pride in my hair at all so this isn't such a big deal but I did think it might be wise to have a little trim yesterday while I had nothing better to do.

I have had some absolute disastrous 'do's in my lifetime. I think the worst was when, for my 13th birthday, I was allowed to get a cork screw perm. I'd been growing my hair for some time and imagined I would look like Doris from Five Star. That's what I wanted. But thats not what I got. Unfortunately, the hair dresser I went to was not familiar with the biggest band to come out of Romford and preceded to cut my hair, give me a nanny perm (ie tight curls all over my head) and sent me on my way looking like an albino Michael Jackson look a like from the Billie Jean video. Devastated was not the word. I'm surprised I ever recovered from the trauma. I would have loved to have posted a picture of it on here but for some reason no photo's exist of this 'do'. I can't think why. Oh yes I can, it was RIDICULOUS.

But, as I have learned over the years my hair seems to go pretty fast so after several other disasters (not involving perming lotion) I've learned not to be too precious about it, and for the last few years I've been going to this place in Shoreditch, Pimps and Pinups:

It's the type of place that could look a bit intimidating from the outside but its not at all inside. I would have liked to take some pictures of the interior as its really great (huge mirrors with light bulbs all the way round, lovely chairs, but then they would have definitely realised what a loser I am if they didn't know already), so I stole these from their website:

Copyright Pimps + Pinups

Copyright Pimps + Pinups

Because I only go once every 3-4 months I always have someone different to cut my hair and have never had a problem. Most of the people that work there are either Australian or from New Zealand, I don't know why, but the owner is Australian which may have something to do with it, and they all have a lot of tattoos. Anyway, they are all really friendly and it's £42 for a haircut which isn't too bad for London I don't think.

Yesterday I had someone from Essex cut my hair which was a shock as like I said most of them are from overseas, and luckily it went well so I'm still very pro-Essex this week. (Yay!) He was only 23 years old which made me feel very old, but we covered a wide range of topics from relationships to sleep walking to Gheghis Khan. It was a real eye opener of a morning.  Anyway, he did a nice job on the old barnet although he did try to sell me some sort of sludgy goo for 17 quid which I had to decline, but another recommend on the March Hare list of recommendations. If you need a haircut and are in the area, you really cant go wrong. 

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