Thursday, 11 August 2016

Chaos Science Roadshow, Upper Castle Park, Colchester, Essex

Most people in Colchester know that if you want to find out anything good that's going on, you will only hear about it after it's happened. Events are not well advertised /marketed and its extremely frustrating. Its actually why I started using my Twitter account, to try to tap into the local 'scene', and why I have suggested ideas for disseminating information locally to our dear MP and Local Counsellors. (Not taken any notice of sadly).

However, one event I did manage to catch this week was the 'Chaos Science Roadshow' which was taking place in the glorious Castle Park. It was a free event on from 12-5pm that you could drop into and get a bit of 'science' in the form of very kid friendly experiments / demonstrations run by Students from Cambridge:

It was such a great event and my son met the most interesting adult he's ever spoken to. The chap with the skulls. Bravo Students, a great, and inspiring afternoon.

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