Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Healthy Homemade Energy Bars with Dates, Coconut and Honey.

The child is ill. The adult is ill i.e. me. The only thing to do in this situation is stay indoors, wear comfy, and publicly unacceptable clothing, make food and eat food.

So, this morning I made some Energy bars which are super easy to make and keep for up to 1 month in the fridge. They require virtually no effort so are perfect if you are feeling under the weather and will give you a good boost of energy. They are great for the other half to take to work in the morning and great for the child to eat as a snack during the day.

The original recipe was on The Guardian website however, I adapted it very slightly today to take into account what I had hanging around in the back of my cupboard. I think as long as you stuck to the dates, coconut and honey you could add any dried fruit or nuts that you have to hand.


250g Dates with stones removed
80g of chopped nuts of your choice
25g of Porridge Oats or dried Muesli mix
Handful of pumpkin seeds or other seeds of your choice
1tbs Honey
1tbs Water
60g desiccated coconut

This made approximately 12 breakfast bars

* Put dates in a food mixer until they are mashed up and sticky.
* Add the nuts, oats, honey, seeds and mix again.
* Mix the water and honey together then slowly add to mixture until it all comes together but isn't too sticky. Remember, you can always add liquid but can't take it away so do this slowly. You may find you do not need all the liquid.

* I'll be honest, it doesn't look that tasty at this stage but it does improve.
* Put the mixture onto some baking parchment which has been scattered with the remaining coconut.

* Roll the mixture in the coconut so its covered. This will stop it sticking to the rolling pin.

* Roll the mixture out to a thickness of about 1cm.

* With a sharp knife, cut the mixture into individual portions. 
You don't have to cut them into rectangles, you could go crazy and do squares!

* I then wrapped each 'bar' individually in baking parchment and put them all the fridge to harden up.


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