Sunday, 21 August 2016

Colchester Vegan Fair, The Waiting Room, Queen St, Colchester CO1 2PJ

Yesterday was the 3rd Vegan Fair to be held in Colchester and the chaps that organised it would have to be happy with how it turned out. It was packed! I am not Vegan BUT, you don't have to be to enjoy Vegan food. One thing I have learned since moving to Colchester, apparently Vegan Capital of the Universe, is that Vegan food is actually pretty tasty and is clearly growing in popularity. It's not all mung beans and dandelion squash you know! In the last couple of years 2 places have opened up in Town which are really very good and worth trying out if you can:



The Fair was at 'The Waiting Room' in what is sometimes referred to as the 'Cultural Quarter' in Town. In the shadow of the Firstsite Art Gallery (currently showing Martin Parr), and the soon to be opening Creative Business Centre, is a community run 'space' set up in the old Bus Station Waiting Room. We came here a lot when we first moved but haven't been for a while. They have lots of things going on, and are one of the few places in Town that do advertise their events fairly well. You can find some previous posts below:

I miss Gunpowder Gertie...sigh.

Anyhow, we have guests here this weekend (family from Stockholm to be precise) and they were very impressed with the stalls on offer at the Fair, particularly the cakes. And we all know how much the Swedes love cakes. The event ran all day and in the evening there was a party, which obviously I didn't go to as I gave up any rights to a night out when my son was born, but I'm sure it was a success.

Anyway, here are some pictures, well done everyone involved and we look forward to next year's Fair.

AMAZING cakes.

Fish and Chips looked very popular despite my terrible photograph.

We bought some Caramelised Mulberries from these guys. Fancy.

Eggless Scotch Eggs.

Lush were also there doing 'Bubble Bar' demo's that the kids could get involved in.
My son made this to bring home (free of charge) and it smells amazing!

And just check out the Cheesecake 
.If the queue hadn't been so bog I would have nabbed this. 
It looked awesome! Next time.

Bravo one and all.

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