Thursday, 11 August 2016

Walton Beach, Walton, Essex, CO14 8EA

My son starts school in September so I decided that we would have a our last 'Summer of Fun' together before we get into a routine and life slowly becomes a bit more serious for him. Living in Colchester, its very easy to find things to do that children will like as there are so many great places to visit for the day. I don't drive to any of these places, even though I do drive, so anywhere we have been visiting alone, has been via bus or train and I've been surprised actually as how easy it is to get everywhere! Walton is a great example of this as the train went straight there from Colchester North and the beach and pier were a 5 minute walk from the station the other end.

I had not been to the Beach part before, only the stretch of coast by the Naze Tower. It is a stunning piece of coastline, and we found a sharks tooth which was brilliant, but not exactly a sunbathing beach. However, the part up by the Pier is perfect for sunbathing and toe dipping. Beautiful, clean sandy beach, what more do you want?!

View from the train through some beautiful countryside.

I understand that the Pier has recently been bought by someone and I really hope they invest some money on it. Its great in a 'British Summer Holiday' way as it has the 2p machines and then lots of rides along its length, but it did look very tired and the Cafe at the end was diabolical. The staff were really friendly but the food was very very bad. I wish I had taken a packed lunch and would do so in future as I felt like a very irresponsible parent giving my son the food from there, but you live and learn.

Back in Colchester after a great day.

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