Friday, 3 June 2011

Sussex Road Trip

The Wig and I had a most excellent road trip adventure last weekend but due to me being on my third shoot in 3 weeks, I have not had time to write about it. Who knew retirement would be so damn hectic!

So here, in a nutshell is our trip from last weekend, a Sussex adventure is highly recommended!

Little Chef at Ripley Services

No road trip is complete without a pit stop, and this was no exception. We were lucky enough to stumble across one of Heston Blumenthal's newly refurbished Little Chef's and what a treat it was. A clean restaurant, friendly staff and a delightful ceiling. Bravo Heston!


Petworth is a small chocolate box looking village, well known for its antique shops. Unfortunately for my small purse the antique shops here were slightly out of our price range but definitely worth a sniff around none the less. What was most extraordinary about visiting this tiny village is that someone I know spotted me whilst they were driving though on their way to Brighton. Small world.

Petworth House + Gardens

Probably the happiest moment of my life. I joined the National Trust here, and got the car sticker! Yippeee! Oh happy day! 

Petworth House is a huge stately home set amongst 700 acres of parkland with deers trotting around. The house is stunning and has one of the largest collections of artworks around. Paintings, sculptures, carvings, bee's, amazing. There was loads to see, so much so that it closed before we had seen everything. A definite must for stately homes enthusiasts.


Would not recommend staying in Midhurst for the night. Nothing really to see or do and we stayed in a very over priced hotel which suffered the wrath of The March Hare on check out on its 'Customer Feedback' form. Rip off. Midhurst's only redeeming feature was a tiny junk shop where we purchased an old dressing table mirror for £10 and a spirit level for £6.50. Essential items for all road trip's.


As you can see from the pictures, another fine, sunny day . . . , Chichester is a fairly big town with a beautiful cathedral and a rather good boot fair! Sadly I didn't find anything to purchase but The Wig bought a lovely old wooden box for £9.

Bartholemew's Barn, Nr Fittelworth - Matt + Nat's wedding.

The catalyst for the roadtrip, my dear friend Natalie's wedding to Matt. They had a blessing in the woods with a reception and barn dancing in a barn. It was such a great day, it didn't rain, and my friend has never looked happier than she looked on this day. It was a privilege to be invited to this wedding and I wish them both much love for the future. Ahh, young love, it fair warms the heart. I think I have something in  my eye . . . is someone chopping onions....? sniff . . . 

The Swan, Fittleworth

Super little hotel with a great post wedding breakfast. Thank god for fry ups.


One last area before our return to Londinium, we stopped off at Arundel for a quick sniff around. Unfortunately there was an enormous queue to get into the castle but luckily we found some nice antique shops to mooch around instead. There was loads of stuff I wanted to buy however, I remembered I live in a one bedroom flat, not Petworth House, so only brought back an old coat hook for £12. All in all though, a super 3 days with The Wig and Auntie Ignis. It was a shame it wasn't sunny but at least it didn't rain.

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