Monday, 20 June 2011

The other end of the street

Last night I defied The Wig and went to the other end of the street. Alone. In the evening. The reason I was alone is that The Wig has left me for a couple of days to film a 'pop video' or promo as I think young people call them. This is very exciting for him but very dull for me since I hate to be left behind (I have abandonment issues) particularly during the Wig-end. So craving excitement, I took a stroll last night to Hackney Downs Park.

I have lived in my little flat for 4.5 years and think I have been to the park at other end of the street once. I can't decide if its because I am scared of the unknown or just lazy but nevertheless its not somewhere I am familiar with. The thing about the East End is that it has a lot of huge parks that people don't really know about. Its actually a very green borough which you will see if you look at an aerial view of the area. Or a map. Most people are familiar with London Fields (lots of BBQ rubbish, status dogs and try hards) and Victoria Park (joggers and baby buggies) but there is also Haggerston Park, Springfield Park and Hackney Downs Park.

So after too many episodes of 'Four in a Bed' I thought I would brave the evening air and was pleasantly surprised about the other end of the street in many ways. Not only was the park incredibly clean, it had new tennis courts, a new basketball court, a bowling green and a mother flippin' FUNFAIR!

So there is a lesson here I think. Always check out the other end of the street, literally and metaphorically, as you never know what you might find. 

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