Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ploughmans and poppies

Big (sarcastic) thanks to the moron who smashed our car window last night in order to steal The Wig's pac-a-mac from the back seat. We will have our revenge if you wear it next time it rains as you will realise that although it is a fancy make its not in the least bit waterproof. Its a fashion pac-a-mac so completely useless in wet weather. Ha! The jokes on you moron!

Regardless of this crummy start to the day today, we did have a lovely day out yesterday in the car, prior to its traumatic assault. The Wig did some research and discovered an antique centre that I'd never heard of in Herfordshire. So, we packed up our 6 CD set of 101 Power Ballard's and drove out to Sawbridgeworth. After a significantly longer time that the iPhone had predicted we reached our destination which is a a very small village in Hertfordshire. Parts of it are a bit run down, but other parts are very pretty, for example, I think this could be my dream house.

Before we tackled the antique centre we thought we would have a spot of lunch, so after quizzing a few locals we went to The Queens head pub in the centre of the village. However, we were slightly terrified when our poughmans arrived. It was the largest I have EVER seen. Completely over the top  (a whole apple, half a beefsteak tomato, 3 different cheeses, half a pig of ham, immense pickled onion, a whole baguette). I'm not sure I'll ever recover. Just for the record, I did not even get close to eating it all. I'm sure this wont be the last ploughmans of the year but it will definitely be the most ridiculous.

By the time we waddled back to the antiques we only had 2 hours before it closed but this was just enough time to sniff out a few treasures. This antique place is more about smaller items than furniture so if its furniture you are after down bother, but for curios, kitchenware and ornaments its pretty good.

We could have bought more than we did but were quite restrained since we have zero space left at home until we move. However, we did come back with an Edwardian Letter box and a little silver French pot with a poppies on. Poppies have nice memories for me of my dad. When I was little he took some photos of me in a field of poppies and won (2nd place) in a Kodak Photography competition. When I was older I would look out for cards with poppies on to send him and he would do the same, sometimes including new photos of poppy fields that he had seen. So the new Poppy pot, which the lady who sold to me thought might have belonged to a maid and would have hung from a chain on her skirt, now belongs to me and I shall wear it as a necklace and think of my dad. Nice.

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