Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dengue Fever and The Kensal Flea

The Wig very kindly bought me the new album by Dengue Fever so we have spent the afternoon doing boring chores (unblocking the sink, dusting a million 'old things' that are displayed around my flat like its a museum etc etc) whilst listening to it. He first introduced me to them a while back one evening during a Kitchen Disco, and being a Cambodian Psychedelic rock band they are a very acquired taste but I really like them.

I highly recommend giving them a listen and I will give their new album, 'Cannibal Courtship' , 8 body parts out of a possible 10.

The morning however, was much more spectacular as we took a trip out to Kensal Rise for the Kensal Flea! It was a market selling old stuff (woop woop!), home made cakes, vintage clothing and all that sort of jazz. I think it happens once a year with the entry fee going to a women's refuge, so even though I brought back home loads more old stuff/junk that will no doubt clutter up my flat until we move, it was sort of for a good cause. The other VERY exciting thing about our trip out West is that we saw somewhere that looked pretty damn sweet as a wedding reception venue. West London was not really our first thought for a venue since we wanted to be East London, but this place is pretty amazing.  I wont say too much yet as knowing our luck it will be too expensive or not practical, but fingers crossed...

Another little suitcase for the collection. I couldn't leave it behind for £3! You don't get hardly anything for £3 these days.

Nice old 60's Triang toy. Needs a little spruce up but definitely worth the £15 that Wiggy paid for it. It's a classic!

Two funny little Polish wooden dolls from the 50's. Bit pricey but couldn't leave them behind either....£20 for both of the pair. Ouch.

Old French metal drink holder. I know you can buy reproduction ones of these quite easily, but who wants a new one when you can buy one for £15 with a woodworm riddled handle? Not me boss.

A pair of white china doves for a 'lady godiva'. I don't think these are old at all but I have a plan for them. I'm going to make one a tiny black tie (and possibly a beard) and one a veil and use them as cake toppers for our wedding. 

Nice Vase, I think its Crown Derby but cant read the markings properly. Nevertheless a bargain at 
£7 I think.

Final part of the booty, a vase which The Wig doesn't like one bit. But thats too bad. Now its home I'm not sure what I think about it either but I reckon in the right room with the right blooms it will look a delight and at £10 quite reasonable I thought.

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