Thursday, 10 February 2011

The curse of the Hong Kong Cough

Its hard squeezing out a blog when you are entertaining. And it's even harder if you are coughing up a lung. I appear to have caught my older brother's Hong Kong Cough (so called as he picked it up en route to Hackney in Hong Kong). Poor me. I shouldn't complain though, I've had such a super few days, it's worth losing some offal for.

So the last few days in a nutshell are as follows:

Monday: The travelers arrived, I was excited and wanted to make them feel really welcome so I made my brother and Frenchie a Lemon Meringue Pie. Lemon Meringue pie is my brothers favourite pie. Or is is mine....? Anyway, it took ages, their flight was late, and I had drunk half a bottle of wine by the time they arrived. I don't think they could tell. The evening was spent playing Buzz on the computer then an early night.

Tuesday: The March Hare's overly ambitious London Walk. But what a glorious day for it! My brother, Frenchie and I went from Hackney, through London Fields, past Hackney City Farm (it was closed), up to the Albion for a breakfast. Frenchie left the tour so my brother and I continued on our trip via a racy art exhibition, through Spitalfields, bought some new CD's, up past the Barbican to St Pauls, over the Millenium Bridge, past The Tate and The Globe Theatre, round the Golden Hind and up to The Design Museum Shop (best shop in the world) to St Katherine's Dock, over Tower Bridge, past the Tower of London for a beverage and ending at The Folly at Monument. My poor pieds...

The Folly, or 'The City's Secret Garden' as it's website refers to it, was awesome and I would definitely recommend it should you be sniffing around for booze in the city. I don't make a habit of mixing with city types but this place was a pleasant surprise. Great food, drinks and amazing interior. I would give this place 9 hardy perennials out of a possible 10.

Got home, put the new CD's on too loud, don't remember going to bed.

Wednesday:  Woke up with a hangover, went to Canteen for an illuminous Eggs Benedict, was going to complain about the rude waiter but didn't have the energy. (See how happy the eggs made Frenchie though!)  Then I had to go into town for a meeting. Eurgghhh.... Think I got away with it though.

Thursday: The cough kicked in. Went in for a meeting again in a company which is like a hareem for my ex-boyfriend. His girlfriend before me, me and his current wife were all in there today. You can never escape your past in Soho. Shame.


  1. This made my day. I m loving this blog!
    One lil thing, the place with the rude waiter was "The Canteen" because the Albion was awesome on all spects.

    See you Thursday

  2. Thanks for spotting the mistake Frenchie, its been rectified. Hope you are having a good time a la Paris.