Monday, 28 February 2011

The Mirror of Lies

Its very hard to write blogs when Blogger doesn't work, but fingers crossed it works today, so here goes . . . 

The Wig left me yesterday. To go and have a driving lesson in Sussex. How could he?! We only get 2 days to spend together (we call it The Wig-end, get it? . . . . ) and not being able to spend those 2 days with each other really gets my goat. But rather than sit around moping I thought I would use the opportunity to go clothes shopping. After watching a brilliant documentary on Friday night about Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, I decided I needed to sort my 'look' out. During the last few years, I've been focusing so much on sorting my flat out that I've sort of let myself go a bit. I've been thinking about it more recently since working in a couple of different places and meeting new (younger) people and a couple of times I've wanted to scream, "My arse hasn't always been this wide you know, I was slim and groovy once! I haven't always had to wear muu muu's . . . I used to wear a catsuit!!". I know its sad but its how I feel I'm afraid. I really noticed it when we were in Sweden when we had the most unforgiving full length mirror in our hotel room. I couldn't  understand how during a short plane journey I could have turned into such a stumpy frump. I didn't even have any snacks on the plane! Then when I got home I realised what it was. The full length mirror I have at home is a like one of those fairground mirrors, it has been lying to me for some time and flattering me into believing I'm about 2 stone lighter and that my clothes look good. I hate that damn mirror now and if I wasn't so superstitious I'd sling it out of the window. That will teach me for buying a cheap one.

So, until I lose a few pounds, which lets face it is going to be extremely difficult considering my fry up / afternoon tea / pudding / Charbonel + Walker hot chocolate and Baileys addiction, I thought the least I could do was sort my clothes out. I used to really enjoy clothes shopping when I was younger but now it depresses me a bit as I have no idea what shops I'm meant to be in. Even though I'm in complete denial, I am really too old for Topshop, too poor for Cos and not tall enough for Gap I don't really know where else to go which is a problem if you are trying to establish your signature look. There was no way I was going to go to Oxford street (too much like going to work) Westfield Shepherds Bush (too far) Westfield Stratford (not actually built yet) so I thought I'd sniff around the new shops around St Pauls. St Paul's and the area just around it,  is one of my favorite places in London and now its been tarted up a bit its even better. When the sun is out it is a really spectacular place to hang out and have a coffee and just admire the architecture.

The new shopping centre, One New Change, opened last Autumn and is a really good place to go if you hate crowds and like polite shop assistants.  Every shop I went into had the friendliest staff I have ever experienced and everywhere was clean and it was actually not too depressing even though I still couldn't find any clothes to buy. I did buy a book though and some lovely green shoes which is a start. The Foyles there had the best Travel section I have seen in a while and there were loads of nice places to eat. Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant is in there too.

By the time I had finished sniffing around the shops, a lovely sun set was occurring and the Wig had returned to London (Thank God) and we decided to go the cinema. Another independent Cinema near us is the Richmix on Bethnal Green Road, opposite the new Shoreditch Tube Station, which not only has 3 screens, but it also has a bar and they have bands and DJ’s and stuff. Its quite expensive (£9 each) and the screens are quite small but I’d prefer to support the local businesses than go to somewhere like the Vue which is about £12. Yikes.

Anyway, we went to see ‘True Grit’ and it was AWESOME. The March Hare is issuing the first top mark ever. ‘True Grit’ gets 10 stetson’s out of a  possible 10 and I would recommend everyone to go and see it. I don’t want to say too much incase I spoil it but the performances are superb, particularly the lead girl in it, Hailee Steinfeld. Amazing. I want to go and see it again. Apparently, The Cohen brothers used 95% of the dialogue from the original film which fans of the first film will probably spot.

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