Wednesday, 16 February 2011

HaPpY bIrThDaY bRoThEr!

After posting last nights blog, the following conversation took place:

March Hare: Well, that was a balls up.
The Wig: *silence*
MH: I said, that was a balls up!
TW: What?!
MH: Well, I wanted to ask the brother the question tonight.
TW: *silence*
MH: I was going to do a toast during dinner but got nervous. Then I was going to ask him when he'd ordered dessert. And then after the waiter had brought over the dessert with a candle in, which I had arranged, and we'd sung Happy Birthday, I was going to ask the question.
TW: He didn't order dessert.
MH: I know! So I thought when we got home and we had the special wine from Hunter Valley, I thought I could do a toast then and ask him the question then but you started showing him silly videos on youtube and the moment was spoilt.
TW: What question?
MH: The question! To see if he would give me away at our wedding!
TW: You already asked him.
MH: Pardon?
TW: You already asked him. Last week.
MH: *Silence apart from the sound of a brain slowly trying to kick start itself*
TW: You asked him last week when we went to The Folly and you got drunk. He said he would expect nothing less. Now go to sleep.


Anyway, today is a new day and we celebrate the older brothers birthday! Happy Birthday older brother! The celebrations began with The Wig and I singing Happy Birthday to him whilst carrying his presents and a candle stuck into an orange. The older brother is very healthy and would not have liked a traditional birthday cake. Also, we did not have one for him. He didn't say, but I could tell he was impressed by the ingenuity of the birthday orange . . . Then we popped out for a delicious coffee and a crispy bacon bap at Wiltons Cafe.

He has now gone to have lunch with his friend and I am currently working on a small shoot from the Hackney Office listening to my new 'mash up' CD for motivation. Mr Oizo and Tone Loc are an unusual collaberation but it is somehow keeping me going.

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