Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Lucky Carp

I don't want to get my own hopes up, but I reckon spring might be on its way. Hackney isn't known for its abundance of fauna so its very easy to spot budding flowers among the dog droppings even with my dodgy eye sight. As I was skulking around E8 today, I spotted loads of little yellow crocuses / crocus' / croci  which I am taking as a sign from Mother Nature that she might start thawing us out soon. I really hope this is not a  false alarm, I'm fed up with wearing 8 jumpers just to go to buy toilet roll. I saw the tiny yellow flowers in London Fields, along the  Hackney Road and by the local Newsagent. This made me so happy I had to celebrate with a massive fry up at Hackney City Farm. Delicious as usual.

It is a bit odd to eat a pile of sausages and bacon within spitting distance of the huge pigs that live on the farm, but it's so damn tasty! The cafe at the farm does the best fry up in Hackney in my opinion, and I feel qualified to make this statement since I have eaten at least one local fry up a weekend for the last 5 years of my life. Its around £17 for 2 fry ups and a coffee each, which isn't the cheapest in the area but its definitely worth it since the quality of the food is so good. The only downside is that if you get there after about 11am, you might get your eardrums burst by all the kids that get taken there but if you go early its bliss. Hackney City Farm fry ups get 9 giant mushrooms out of a possible 10 although I'm not sure covering the mug of the mocha with chocolate powder was entirely necessary.

After the farm, and despite the drizzly air, The Wig and I took a little local stroll and popped into a couple of our favorite 'old stuff' shops. Unsurprisingly, we have ended up with some more items that we have to lube up and try to squeeze into my bulging flat.  But the logic is, if we don't get them now, we wont see them again and we will always regret it because we think about things like that and that annoys us and we are losers. Anyway, we are very happy with our items and always on the hunt for good storage solutions which all of these are. We bought a chest of drawers from Rospo on the Hackney Road which was not only extremely good value but the owner, Jacopo, delivered it to us for free. Top notch service.

We also bought a bedside drawer for The Wig and an old locker for the hall, both from The Dog and Wardrobe. The locker was in the sale so I don't feel too guilty about it, and both items got delivered this afternoon for a tenner so we are very happy indeed. The Wig was actually so happy with his new storage that he dusted it. I have never seen him dust anything before. In 4 and a bit years. I'm just saying...

We also popped into Fin and Flounder on Broadway Market since we were passing, and purchased a carp for our tea. They are such friendly guys in this shop and always have the freshest fish. Not only can they tell you exactly where the fish has come from but they can also suggest how to cook it and what to eat with it. I would definitely recommend buying something from here if you are in the area but get there early on a Saturday as they very often sell out by the afternoon. Today they had some locally caught crayfish from a local forager but by the time we had eaten breakfast and come back they were already all sold.

Today the chap in the shop told me that its tradition to keep a carp scale in your wallet for good luck as it brings you wealth. I have popped one in and bought a lottery ticket for tonight's draw. Either I am now destined to win a lot of money later this evening or it was a joke / lie and all I will end up with is a wiffy Delta card.

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