Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rob Ryan and the Christmas Cheque

I love Rob Ryan's work. It's delicate, beautiful, witty and romantic all at the same time. I think he's pretty well known now but if you haven't heard of him before, here is a link to his site:

The best place to view his pieces are in his shop on Columbia Road. It has funny opening times but is well worth a visit if you are in the area on a weekend. They sell his huge papercuts (up to £3K!!) which are definitely on the wish list for when I win the lottery, but they also sell smaller more affordable items which are great gifts for other people or for yourself. We have a few of his things at home, a ceramic tile which I am yet to find a place for, a wooden key cut spoon which was a present from The Wig and also a skateboard which was a collaboration with Rob Ryan and a famous skateboarder who's name I cant remember. The Wig bought this from Ryantown last year before he had moved in and I said he could hang it up in my hallway since he was only renting where he lived. It was only after we had put it up that I noticed there is a golden appendage on it. I really should wear my glasses more often.

Rob has also recently brought out a range of homewares (mugs, a vase, a watering can, plates) including some really pretty bunting which I could not get hold of anywhere. I was getting a bit obsessed with the bunting actually despite the fact that I have nowhere to hang it. It was sold out everywhere. But I definitely needed it. And then yesterday, a miracle occurred. Whilst killing time before meeting a friend, I spied it hanging up in good old John Lewis. It was the only one and was their display. After pleading with the shop assistant to sell it to me, they then gave me a fiver off as it had been out of the packet! And I didn't even ask him too! Then before I could feel guilty about spending money I shouldn't be spending I remembered, Auntie Margaret's christmas cheque for £25! So thanks Margaret, you have no idea how happy you have made me.

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