Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Merhaba Turkey!

Having lived in London for the last 15 years, I have often imagined what it would be like to live in a place where people smile and say hello to you in the street and where people are polite and courteous to each other and where the sun always shines. I believed that this place couldn't possibly exist except from in my brain or maybe in a 1940's musical (which are almost one and the same place), however, I was wrong. And I can't believe its taken me this long to discover the wonderful, friendly, sunny Turkey. It is, to coin a phrase, 'amaze'.

The Wig and I have just returned from a small trip away to Fethiye on the Mediterranean side of Turkey and I can not wait to go back. We loved it so much that I even shed a small tear during the night before we had to leave as I didn't want to come home. Although the tear may also have been a result of an accidental elbow to the side of the head in the middle of the night. Thanks Wig...

We stayed in a lovely hotel, The Yacht Classic in Fethiye Marina, which I would definitely recommend to everybody. It was very good value and importantly, for us, quite popular with the older generation/old people, an essential factor in any holiday that The Wig and I book. We like to go where the 'Grey pounds' get spent as it means it will be nice and quiet although sometimes one can feel like one is in a scene from 'Cocoon', particularly when one is in the swimming pool.

Great hotel, perfect location with views across the water into the mountains, and a 10 minute walk to the town. The only downside was the food which wasn't great, in fact the food was so bad the night we had dinner at the hotel, I couldn't eat it. Mystery meat never tasted so bad. I have never left food on my plate ever and I'm still in state of shock about this, although having said that, breakfast was fine. Just don't eat the dinner, ok?

View from our room.

Anyway, apart from everyone being incredibly helpful and friendly there was tonnes to see and do, a week really wasn't enough. Unfortunately, I got sick halfway through the holiday and couldn't be too far from a latrine, so we didn't venture very far away from the hotel but we did make it to the famous blue lagoon at Olu Deniz. However, we missed out on a boat trip to Rhodes, a day out to Butterfly Valley, sight seeing at some ruins and a mess about in a massive mud bath which I really wanted to do but The Wig did treat himself to a massage to make up for it (minus a 'Happy Ending').

It took about 45 mins to get to Olu Deniz from Fethiye on 2 very hot over crowded buses but was worth it just to see this peacock sniffing around in the bushes. This place is very touristy due to the water sports and paragliding, which it is famous for, but if you want a bit of peace and quite you can pay to go to the Nature Reserve part of the beach and spend the day there instead.

One evening we went to the fish market which had been recommended to us. You go to the fish sellers in the centre of the market, pick the fish you want and then one of the restaurants around the edge of the market cooks it for you. We had Sea Bream and the best calamari I've ever eaten.

There are loads of local things you can buy from the town in Fethiye which are very reasonably priced. We were fairly disciplined and didn't come back with too much booty although I did buy a very nice bag which I have a feeling might be a fake...don't tell the police.

Turkish Delight.


More Turkish Delight.



Lamp shades.

Pipe things.

Wooden game boards.


Overall, a great experience and I would rate Fethiye a very high 9 mystery meats out of 10 for a week relaxing in the sun. We booked our holiday thought the following travel agent:


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