Monday, 26 March 2012

HaPpY bIrThDaY tO mE!

Yesterday was my birthday. I LOVE birthdays and even though it was very different to most of my previous celebrations ie it did not involve any alcohol/growlers/parties/hangovers/memory loss, I had a really great day. And the sun shone!

It began with a text from an unknown number allegedly from my Mother wishing me a happy day. I did not recognise the number so I replied by asking if it really was from my Mother. "Yes, I changed my number and forgot to tell you" came the reply. Happy Birthday... Nothing surprises me anymore.

Luckily, The dear old Wig soon made up for the bad start to the day by singing a beautiful rendition of 'Happy Birthday' and giving me some lovely gifts. We had decided to not go too mad this year but he still bought me a beautiful silver handmade necklace with a secret message inside by Emily Margaret Hill. I can not deny, this necklace made me very choked up indeed.

Thank you very much Wiggles, you are the best xxx.

He also bought me some new CD's and a box of emergency moustaches, for emergencies. 

So far, I've only listened to the Lana Del Ray and Gotye CD's which are both pretty hit and miss. I think we liked half of the songs on both albums, which seems to be true of most CD's we buy these days. As a special birthday treat I also listened to some Daniel Beddingfield, but this really is a once a yearly event.

Anyway, after some Beddingfield in the Kitchen we trotted off to the wondrous Hackney Picture House for breakfast with my friend Joe. He bought me some beautiful flowers, like I say I LOVE birthdays. (And Hot Chocolates).

Hackney Picture House Hot Chocolate. Very hard to beat.

Thank you Joe for my lovely blooms xxx

Later on in the day, we then went to meet our friend's Ellie + Nick at Bea's of Bloomsbury for Afternoon Tea near St Pauls.

Daffodils outside St Pauls.

Light fittings at Bea's.

CAKES and sandwiches at the bottom.


Other things to buy.

Doggy bag/box.

I've never had proper Afternoon Tea before but will definitely be having it again. Not only did we get to stuff our faces with fancy cakes, we also got to take some home as we couldn't eat them all. I have amazing dreams where this sort of thing happens. I think Bea's is a small chain and although it didn't really feel like it as the cakes were so spectacular, the service did not match up to the food, and did make it feel a bit 'chainy'. The staff were a most peculiar bunch actually. One minute bordering on the offensive with their surlyness, then minutes later almost bending over backwards to be nice. It was most odd and confusing. Anyway, we didn't let them spoil our tea. Nothing could ruin a cake on my birthday. Particularly when I was given this as a gift. Probably one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

My very own 'Tales of the March Hare' stamp!!!! Pretty amazing eh? Mark my words, no surface will ever be safe from my stamp from this day forth. 
Thank you very much Ellie and Nick, a truly wondrous gift xxx

PS: Thanks for the flowers too xxx

Also, thank you to Mo for the fancy scrub which I think I will be in desperate need of when I get my body back and can bend over again. Thanks too for the scrapbook, which I love. Anyone that knows me will know how much I love a scrapbook and has probably been bored by my various scrapbooks when paying me a visit. You really can never have too many in my eyes. xxx

Thank you Big Brother in Sydney for the M+S Pamper box. I'm going to save the socks for my little 'holiday' in the hospital, but cant guarantee the fizzy pop will last longer than 24 hours in the fridge xxx

And finally, thanks to me for this face cream. I've never had fancy cream before in my life and thought it was about time I did something about my saggy chops. I'll let you know if it works. If not, I'm stuck looking like Droopy Dawg until I can afford a face lift.

So, on reflection, it was a really lovely birthday and although very different to previous years I had fun none the less. Thank you to my super friends and family for making it such a special day. Only another 364 days until the next one.

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