Thursday, 22 March 2012

To the Jungle, Dalston Lane, E8

Today was the first day of a 3 day intensive Ante Natal Course that we booked ourselves onto in December. We had booked it so long ago I'd sort of forgotten about it but it's come round so quickly that it can only mean one thing. D-Day (Delivery Day, hopefully not Death Day) is getting nearer.

Springfield House, Tyssen Street.

The Course unfortunately goes against my thinking so far regarding labour and birth that ignorance is bliss. I'm not reading much about what may or may not happen and definitely not watching 'One Born any Minute'. I have found myself lately living life by the Doris Day school of thought, 'Que Sera Sera', and it seems to be working out pretty well.  But I couldn't hide from the facts forever so today we learnt all about:

* Mechanics of labour
* Onset of labour
* Self Help techniques
* Hormones of labour
* Induction
* Pain Relief options in labour
* Assisted Delivery & Caesarean

We weren't really sure if it would be worth doing the NCT course as it is quite expensive (£240) but I think if we hadn't done it we would have wondered if we were missing out on some useful info. Also, most people who do it seem to think its really good for meeting people in the area who are going through the same experiences. I don't really feel like I need any new friends, I don't see the existing ones enough, but I'm really glad we went along.

After the initial, trauma of having to introduce ourselves to the class and going bright red (group speaking is one of my worst nightmares, along with strangers touching me and Avocados) it actually developed into a really great day. We had to introduce ourselves to everyone and then say why we had decided to come onto the course "Hello, I thought I should come as I'm terrified of new babies and need to learn how to clean their bums". Not exactly my finest introduction to strangers. 

Luckily the course didn't involve anything too gory, everyone else in the class seemed really nice and surprisingly enough, The Wig and I knew a lot more than we thought we did. I really don't know how that happened but maybe its from us talking to our friends who have had babies and maybe reading the odd thing on line, but it's made me feel really positive. I think doing the course will make us feel a lot more confident when D-Day happens which can only be a good thing.  The only downside was that I saw a photo of the placenta. One of The Wigs friends had told us that it looks like a sort of purple, veiny haggis, and to be honest, that was a rather flattering description. There is absolutely no way I even want to see mine let alone bring it home in the form of a milkshake (some people/sickos do this apparently *gag*) or bury it under a rose bush. Just take it away and I'll pretend it was never there.

Our next session is on Saturday where we will learn about how to wipe a baby's bum (yay!) and other early parenting tips I think. As long as we don't spend too long talking about the umbilical stump, it should be another successful day.

Another great thing about the course is that it was 10 minute trot round the corner from home and during the lunch break we were able to sample yet another local cafe. I don't think I can take anymore new cafes, there's almost too much choice now. It really is mind boggling how many options we now have for a hottie and a toastie.

May I present to you, To the Jungle.
Not a great picture of the outside but it was the only one I could get without standing in the bus lane.

Interesting use of a sewing table.

Lovely artwork on the Staff and Toilet doors.

Delicious Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto Toastie with a choice of 5 different breads.

Delicious looking cakes.

Carrot Cake. More like a sponge cake than a carrot cake but the icing was delicious.

So, all in all a very good day. The Wig and I got to hang out together, we learnt some interesting stuff, maybe made some new friends and had a lovely lunch. What a lucky old Hare I am.

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