Friday, 16 March 2012

Matching stuff

And so, the indignities continue. It has now got to the stage whereby I am unable, due to the size of my stomach, to trim my own toenails. For one forced into a life of independence from an early age, this is a most humiliating experience. I'm sure its not much fun for The Wig either. Luckily I wont need my claws trimmed too often, however, not being able to bend over has created another problem which rears its head on a daily basis. I am unable to put on my shoes or tie my laces. Since most of my shoes are in the style of 'Regulation Issue Victorian Workhouse Lace Ups' this is a most unwelcome development. Up until yesterday, I was relying on the dear old Wig to put my shoes on for me but alas this morning he has gone to Edinburgh for 2 days. I think it's something to do with work but it could be his only way to esacpe from his foot duties for a while.

Thinking ahead, as I am prone to do, I thought I better purchase myself a nice pair of sensible, flat, slip on shoes for while he is away. I would never have made it into work in barefeet. I ended up with a pair in the most impractical colour imaginable but my god are they comfy for the cankles.

And after I purchased them, a miracle occurred. I stuck my nose into Gap as they had a Sale on and ended up with this bag (£14.99 from £24.99).

A bag is one of the few things I really don't need another of however, look at the colours! Its an almost perfect match to the shoes! I know matching shoes and bags are meant to be a bit of a no no but I don't care. I've got bigger things to worry about at the moment ie my own body.

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