Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sutton House, Homerton High Street, E2

If you want to go and see 'A Mans Story' at the cinema on a Saturday night, just go and see it.

A Man's story trailer

Don't get talked into seeing this:

The Raven trailer

The Raven is, in my humble opinion, a big fat disappointment. It thinks it's Sherlock Holmes (the ones with Robert Downey Jnr in), its not. The end titles think they are the Bourne Identity, they aren't. It has a poor script, some poor performances and a plot so patchy it doesn't make sense. Basically a waste of time and money. Don't even wait for it to come out on DVD. Watch something else instead, maybe some paint drying. Or a kettle that you have just put on to boil.

However, if you want to go to a National Trust property in Hackney, go to Sutton House. You'll have a much more successful trip out. We went there on Sunday as they were holding  a Wedding Fair.

Sutton House is a bit of a hidden gem in Hackney and is just off Homerton High Street. It's run by the National Trust and is the only surviving Tudor House in the East End. Built in 1535 by a prominent Courtier of Henry VIII, its a nice place to have a quick mooch about and a cup of tea. Its very small, you could have looked around the whole place in 20 minutes, but they often have events on which might be worth visiting. They had a great Antiques fair a few years ago at Christmas and I purchased some lovely old cutlery that had apparently come from a Stately Home. This silver cutlery only gets used for special occasions so if you come for tea and only get the Ikea knives and forks you know what we really think of you.

Anyway, back to the Wedding Fair. Just because our wedding is currently on hold until next year, it doesn't mean we have forgotten about it completely. Also, some friends of ours are having their wedding this December and talking about their plans made me feel a bit emotional about our wedding.  It was hard being so far down the line with it (venue booked, dress chosen and deposit paid, Stationary designed, table dressing etc bought) and having to pull the plug. I suppose though when the day does finally come it will be all the nicer having our little baby with us. Anyway, I am convinced that the bride of this other wedding is going to have the same dress as mine and I am getting a bit panicky about it. I have no evidence to say this is the case at all but I have a weird feeling about it. I'll let you know in December if my weird feeling was correct or just heartburn.

So, knowing how I feel about our wedding, The Wig thought it would be nice to pop along to the Wedding Fair which we did on Sunday. As Sutton House is so small, there really wasn't too much too look at but all the people we met were very nice so we picked up some cards to add to the collection.

I obviously can't vouch for any of these people to say if they are any good, but like I say, everyone we spoke to was lovely.

Sadly though, all these card's are destined to be glued into my Wedding scrapbook which has been packed away until further notice because of the baby that stole my wedding. I don't mind really.

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