Friday, 9 March 2012

Niels Eilersen Danish Rocking Chair

For some reason I got it into my head that I needed to own a rocking chair. I must have seen on a website somewhere that it would be useful for when the bowling ball / baby is born. So, for the past few weeks I've been sniffing around eBay on the prowl for one. Since I am quite particular there were a few boxes it needed to tick. It had to be white, wooden, not too wide and not too tall. I chose to ignore the small matter that we don't actually have room for one as I began my pursuit. This was a minor detail as far as I was concerned.

Anyway, last Sunday I struck gold and found a lovely white, wooden, not too wide and not too tall one on eBay. So without much thought and the excited high that eBay gives me, I bought it. And at 6:55am this morning, it arrived. Talk about a speedy turnaround! I did have a slight pang of guilt when it turned up as we still haven't actually bought the pram yet and I really shouldn't be buying chairs I probably don't need when we still have essential baby things to purchase, but too late now. I think I've been pretty restrained these last few months, not going to any antique fares, not really buying anything much for myself, so I hope the baby wont begrudge me this one purchase. Particularly since we can both make use of it. I can rock backwards and forwards in it like Norman Bates' mother and the baby can vomit on me. I'd say that'll be 2 happy customers right there!

Best eBay wrapping ever. 

Ta dah! The lovely chair, which is also surprisingly comfy. I didn't think I would be too keen on the upholstery of the fabric but its actually not too bad. Also, it's the original fabric so I think I should leave it alone and not attempt any DIY on it. It would only end in disaster.

Maybe it looks better with this cushion on it...?

Interestingly, I have since found out that its quite a well known design of chair called a Ladderback Rocking Chair, made in the 1950s' by a Danish Furniture Company set up by a chap called Niels Eilersen. The company began in 1895 as a coach building factory but in 1934 it burned down. After that the company re-opened as a furniture makers focusing on high quality upholstered items. Its now being run by the 4th generation of Eilersens still making wooden furniture. God bless the Scandinavians.

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  1. That is gorgeous! I have a Scandinavian chair fetish after living in Copenhagen for two years. I could quite easily spend all of our money on them!! :)